Why do Women wear Makeup?

Makeup is a form of art, where your face is the canvas. Almost 50% of women in the world do not leave the house without touching up their natural facial features, while the other half do not even bother. In an ideal world, what a person does with his/her body would not concern anyone. Unfortunately, all humans are imperfect and it is ironic that we cannot resist judging one another. Makeup is definitely not a necessity, but there are several logical explanations to why a woman would wear it:

1. To Look Professional

Women who wear makeup to work every day just look more composed and mindful. They are more noticeable, which increases their chances for receiving a promotion. In contrast, women without any traces of makeup may appear unkempt, weary, or sleep deprived. Dark circles, pale skin, or a puffy face could make you look sloppy. Most working women are aiming for the so called ‘natural look’, which essentially translates to a ‘no makeup’ look; in reality a substantial dose of cosmetics is required to achieve that look. The purpose is to demonstrate that you are making an effort to look presentable and proficient at your job.

2. To Hide Imperfections

The society and media have sketched unrealistic beauty standards for women. Therefore, it is no surprise that many of us are not satisfied the way we are. Perfectly symmetrical features and flawless skin do not come inherently and only makeup renders that possible. Blemishes, freckles, pimples/zits, wide pores, facial hair, and scars caused from personal injuries are not perceived as desirable traits. Foundations and concealers are the most widely used makeup products because they hide the irregularities, making the face look smooth and even. Some people are insecure about the shape of their face so they opt for contouring. The point is that every girl wants to look as beautiful as the celebrities that inspire her.

3. To Make a Statement

Every woman has a unique personality and like any other human being, she communicates it in different ways. Makeup is one way to express one’s mood or highlight natural attributes. Women who wear deep red lipstick appear fierce and independent. Girls who incorporate their face with rainbow colors look playful and spontaneous. Ladies who sport pastel or neutral shades might seem to be on the conservative side. Goth girls go for pasty looking skin and a lot of black pigments. Most of us do our makeup differently for different occasions. There is no crime in changing up your look; it is a progressive routine if you ask me. Things that always stay the same can cause tedium.

4. To Boost Confidence

There is no denying that women may use make up to look appealing among friends or society in general. Makeup accentuates facial features, making us look more fresh, youthful, and pretty. The emphasized eyes, fuller lips, and the artificial blush on cheeks is attractive to the opposite gender, hence it aids in drawing a potential partner. Every individual (irrespective of gender, age, and race) likes to feel desired and feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror. Most girls do their make up for themselves because it provides them the satisfaction they need. When a woman looks good, she feels good and that boosts her confidence.

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