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How to Transform or Enhance Your Legal Blog

You started a blog for your law firm website, but it probably lacks spark. You must have employed all the basic online marketing strategies, but it’s not bringing in leads. Maybe your blog is a standalone, which is why it’s not getting many views. Another possibility is that you haven’t visited your blog in a…

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10 Tips to prevent Coding Burnout

We experience burnout when the stress of our jobs engulfs us and we overwork ourselves. People from all sorts of professions are affected by burnout, but it happens a lot more frequently in the tech industry. Writing code requires immense concentration and prudence, which is why developers tend to worn themselves out way too often….

Legal Blogs

Particulars of Pet Insurance

Health insurance for pets is quite similar to that of human beings, and it is a growing trend among western countries. Today, over 1 million pets in the United States are insured; it is still a small fraction of the total number of pets nationwide, but the progress is tremendous if we compare statistics of…


Does Social Mobility promote Equality?

The concept of social mobility is deemed as moving up the food chain, which has its advantages and disadvantages. When people talk of social mobility, they are usually referring to upward mobility and entirely neglecting downward mobility. The majority prefers to root for the underdog, as it gives meaning to the American dream. When someone…


10 Things you may not know about Cape Cod

Cape Cod of Massachusetts is a popular summer destination for tourists worldwide. This hook shaped peninsula offers beautiful beaches, resort islands (including Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard), quaint villages, prestigious lighthouses, and the finest seafood shacks. Housing over 200,000 locals, this place tends to get pretty crowded during peak months. However, you probably already know what…

Legal Blogs

Wrongful Death

There are many ways in which a person can cause the wrongful death of another, legally speaking. It can be deliberate, or it can be accidental  based on their actions or an accident based on inaction. Basically, you may have a claim for wrongful death if for some reason, an unnecessary death occurred that was…