10 Mistakes to avoid during a DIY Paint Project

Painting your own place can be a lot of fun and satisfying if you know all the tips and tricks to do it right. It’s a great activity to explore your creative side and maybe bond with family or friends. Nonetheless, it is easy to make blunders, especially when it’s your first time doing a paint job. A successful DIY painting project requires ample skill, focus, and patience; if you possess none of those traits then perhaps, hiring a professional handyman would be the smart and economical thing to do. However, if you are feeling ambitious, grab the supplies and try to avoid making these rookie mistakes:

1. Not Prepping the Walls

Your walls need to imitate a clear canvas if you wish to end up with a remarkable end result. Make sure that the walls are clean, otherwise dust, hair, and other residuary particles will stick with the paint; you may use a vacuum cleaner or cloth wipes for the task. If the walls were painted before, but are in poor condition, you need to smooth them out with sand paper. You should also apply a coat of primer before paint to achieve an even finish. If the walls have any glossy paint or varnish over them, use a liquid de-glosser or simply sand them.

2. Choosing the Wrong Color

How a color looks on paper rarely turns out the same on an actual wall. You can always get a few samples to test the shades you like. Do swatch tests in a brightly lit room, so you don’t have to regret the decision later.

3. Letting the Kids and Pets Loose

Open buckets of paint and lids lying around can quickly turn into a disaster. Kids and pets playing in the vicinity can topple cans, step over lids, and leave trails of foot/paw prints everywhere. Right now you think it’s cute, but it won’t be when in happens before you.

4. Hasty Second Coats

It is crucial to wait for the first coat of paint to dry before you apply the second. If you rush into double coating, the texture will be ruined; you will have ugly brush strokes and peeling paint to cry over.

5. Forgetting to Cover stuff and use Painter’s Tape

Spontaneous spray painting is cool if you like making a huge mess. On the contrary, if you want to do a decent paint job and maybe save your furniture from tough stains, cover up. You can move your stuff to the middle of the room and shield it with plastic sheets. Any parts on the walls and edges you want to keep paint free can be protected with painter’s tape.

6. Dunking the Brush too deep

Dipping half or two thirds of your brush bristles in paint is more than enough. If you dunk it all the way, it is only a waste of paint and cleaning that brush will be tiresome.

7. Ignoring all Sense of Direction

Do not embrace the philosopher within you while painting, because random strokes will get you nowhere. It is ideal to paint from top to bottom and work in straight lines.

8. Doing the Job in the Wrong Season

Painting in extreme weathers frequently backfires. When the weather is too cold, the paint doesn’t dry all the way through and if the walls are too hot, the paint might bubble and dry too quickly, preventing you from spreading it evenly. When you’re working outdoors, avoid painting when humidity levels are off the charts or rainy season is in full swing.

9. Bumping the Floor and Ceiling

Paint rollers tend to bump and stain ceilings or the floor if you don’t leave space at both ends. Covering the marks can be an arduous and time-consuming affair. You can always secure the boundary lines with painter’s tape and use a brush to paint the topmost and lowest section of the wall.

10. Refusing to Clean Up

You are likely to be exhausted at the end of the day, but do not let that stop you from cleaning up. Cover all the paint cans, wash the brushes, and de-clutter the place before taking the rest of the day off. Refusing to clean up will just pile up extra work and troubles for the next day, such as hardened paint, stiff brushes/rollers, and all the many reasons to suffer slip and fall injuries.

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