We experience burnout when the stress of our jobs engulfs us and we overwork ourselves. People from all sorts of professions are affected by burnout, but it happens a lot more frequently in the tech industry. Writing code requires immense concentration and prudence, which is why developers tend to worn themselves out way too often. They know that the slightest of error can incur a major financial loss, which only adds to the frustration. Pressure from clients and managers, a toxic working environment, and an excess of pending tasks may contribute to a mental breakdown. Here’s how you can save yourself from all the trouble and trauma:

1.      Set Realistic Goals

Developers habitually make the mistake of overestimating themselves, disregarding the fact that they are only human. They do not benefit themselves or the employer by agreeing to impossible deadlines. At the end of the day, you will fall ill from the overload and your boss won’t be thrilled when you apply for sick leave. Be frank about the time and resources you need to complete an assignment.

2.      Learn to say ‘No’

Multitasking might be second to your nature, but your working capacity has a limit. If you already have too much on your plate, do not accept any more. Never give consent for doing work when it is clear that you do not have the time and energy for it. Sometimes you have to say ‘no’ for your own sake, irrespective of what the other thinks.

3.      Recognize life outside of Work

Make good use of your time off from work. When you are off the clock, abandon all thoughts relating to work. Spend time with your family/friends or engage in a leisurely hobby/activity. Stop postponing your vacation time; utilize the opportunity to replenish your mind and soul.

4.      Shield yourself from Interruptions

On average, developers require four uninterrupted hours to generate high quality code. Cancel all meetings and settle in a secluded place when you’re on a roll.

5.      Eat Healthy and Exercise

Your work requires you to sit across a computer for long hours, but breaks are nonnegotiable. Leave your seat every once in a while to stretch your muscles or grab a drink. Make sure not to starve or dehydrate yourself while doing your job. Avoid binging on junk food and eat proper meals that are also nutritious. One hour at the gym or the jogging park everyday stimulates mental and physical stabilization.

6.      Never stop Learning

A developer’s career never stops growing or evolving. You must always be eager to learn new things and expand your skillset. If your employer offers training or courses to help, do not reject these golden prospects.

7.      Accept Challenges & Express your Creativity

Rid yourself of constant drab work, if you wish to feel alive again. Participate in projects that demand creativity and force you to think out of the box. Taking on challenges will fuel your senses and put an end to weariness.

8.      Train yourself for Teamwork

Many developers are accustomed to individual work and therefore suffer in the position of a team player. It is important to communicate and collaborate with team members to prevent a project from falling apart.

9.      Adopt Organization and Transparency

Keep your stuff organized and make a to-do list. Your roles and goals must be clearly defined at the beginning of every working day. Confusion and clutter are key contributors of stress at work.

10.    Don’t Compromise on Sleep

It is common for developers to get preoccupied with work and pull all-nighters. Sometimes they forget to take a nap for several days in a row. Sleep at least seven hours a day if you don’t want to eventually turn into a zombie.


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