The Best Places for Coffee in Ruston

Ruston is largely known for its peach festivities, outdoor recreations, and farmer’s market. One thing you may not have heard about is the city’s amazing coffee shops. I would like to mention a handful of local cafes that serve the most exquisite cups of coffee, whilst providing topnotch ambience. Whether you need your daily caffeine fix, a place to work or relax for a while, a heartwarming and energizing breakfast, or a cozy space to chat with someone special over your favorite beverage, these cafés will provide you with the wonderful experience you crave:

Railway Coffee

You can relish the taste of Railway Coffee at two locations within Ruston. One of them resides in the heart of the city’s downtown; this place has a very Bohemian and rustic vibe, which appeals to many. I personally prefer the more contemporary outlet, which is also known as ‘The Nest’ and situated along the North side. I find it the perfect spot to lounge and work on my laptop most days. Railway offers fine locally roasted coffee and a range of imported varieties as well. On hot summer days, you will cherish their Nitro cold brew, and any cup of steaming latte is great for a chilly morning or evening. Another of their beverages worth mentioning is ‘The Babe’, which is a honey lavender latte made from almond milk.

The Depot

The Depot is another picturesque café downtown that will make you feel at home. They feature a delightful assortment of seasonal drinks and coffee. The brick walls and the comfy couches are warm and welcoming every time. You are bound to fall in love with this place if you appreciate the idea of downing your favored beverage in the presence of some good live music. Their double shot Espresso and Iced Chocolate Milk Latte are my go-to beverages on the menu; the former for when I need to wake up and the latter for when I need to vent stress.

Daylight Donuts

Can you name a better duo than coffee and donuts? Of course not! That was a rhetorical question anyway. Daylight donuts features the most pretty and scrumptious donuts in town, which you can knock back with a cup of hot cappuccino. Donuts are prepared fresh daily and there are too many options to choose from. The place is very family friendly, though I usually prefer takeaway on my way to work or before running errands on a weekend. I believe that one donut for every employee each day can chase worker’s compensation lawsuits away.

Parish Press

Parish Press is everything you look for in a coffee shop. The snug little café is ideal for meeting up with a friend whilst enjoying a brunch or supper. The menu displayed on boards and the overall minimalistic décor is a breath of fresh air. A caramel macchiato paired with a wheat & honey bagel makes my day. Their drip coffee is one of the best I’ve had as well and these people know how to make a good sandwich.

Common Good Co.

Two amazing female baristas and bakers inaugurated this adorable and neat little coffee shop during the pandemic. They aimed to deliver quality food and coffee, which they delivered. Their seasonal beverages and baked confectionaries are one-of-a-kind. Grab a classic or one of the fancy lattes with a homemade pastry (P.S: you won’t be able to stop at one).

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