Top Upcoming Smartphones of 2021

Smartphone technology is evolving fast, and it is hard to imagine what new features our handheld devices will pack in the near future. Every year we get phones which are faster and sleeker; also, the picture resolution of modern phone cameras is impressive. It seems like yesterday when the use of a mobile phone was limited to texting, calling, and playing the snake game. If you have been considering to purchase a smartphone with all the latest specs this year, here’s a list of options to look forward to:

1. Samsung Galaxy S21

The latest specimen of the Samsung Galaxy S series was revealed in the mid of January 2021 and is expected to the hit the market anytime in February. If you are interested in a high-end phone with Android technology, this phone is the front runner. The cutting edge design, biggest microprocessor in history, 5G compatibility, 5 back lenses, 108 MP camera, and up to 16 GB RAM makes it an epic release from one of the most trusted cellphone manufacturers in history.

2. Google Pixel 6

Not much time has passed since the Google Pixel 5 made a splash, but the rumors about Pixel 6 are already on fire. The inside news is that Google will be releasing 3 smartphones this year, with one of them featuring a foldable design. There are no set release dates, but if we observe past patterns, the best guess would be ‘October’. Right now we have to do with the code names ‘raven’, ‘passport’, and ‘oriole’.

3. Nokia 7.3

The Nokia 7.3 model is going to be an affordable 5G device, which is likely to be unveiled before the end of the first quarter of 2021. Since its comeback, Nokia has still to release a flagship phone that can redeem its lost power. Who knows, this could be the one!

4. Xiaomi Mi 11

The Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone was revealed at a tech event on 28th December in China, and is awaited to be up for grabs soon. This 5G phone promises to perform 35% better than its predecessor, which sounds exciting. The upgraded processor, GPU, and camera are the most sought out features in modern smartphones.

5. OnePlus 9

The OnePlus 9 Pro and 9E are scheduled to be released this spring. The 9E shall be the more affordable version and might bear a striking resemblance to the latest specimen of the Samsung Galaxy S series. OnePlus phones did earn themselves the title of ‘flagship killer’ in the past, so let us see if the new devices live up to that. I’m betting on a bigger screen, and maybe a waterproof phone?

6. Oppo Reno 5

The Oppo Reno 5 is already making waves in China, so everyone is waiting for a worldwide launch. The company teased 3 models in the series, i.e. Reno 5, Reno 5 Pro, and Reno 5 Pro+; the phones will only differ in screen size and chipset.

7. Apple iPhone 13

The iPhone 12 came out recently and the buzz is yet to die down. However, there are already leaks about an iPhone 13, which shall surface in the final quarter of the year. If we’re being realistic, we shouldn’t expect any major change in the overall design. There isn’t much information about any new specs either, other than an under display touch ID system.

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