15 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2021

After a few random Google searches, I discovered that most New Year Resolutions are about starting off a diet or workout plan. It seems like people obsess over weight loss at the end of the year and then get over if by the mid of January. A New Year is supposed to be a new and improved chapter of our lives, which should go beyond cosmetic transformations. We need to accomplish goals that benefit our mental & physical health, serve humanity, heal the environment, and make us happy. Here’s a list of 15 resolutions that are doable and worthwhile:

1. Go Green

If you have not yet joined the green team, 2021 is the perfect year for this amazing transition. Start small by reducing food waste, buying local products, refusing disposable plastic items, and saving water.

2. Read a Book every Month

Improve your vocabulary and stir your imagination by reading one good book every month. Reading is food for the brain and a means of gaining IQ points.

3. Donate Stuff you don’t Need

True happiness lies in what we give, not what we get. Clothes you haven’t worn in months/years, excess of food items that shall go to waste, all the forgotten stuff stored in the attic can help the less privileged. Your trash is someone else’s treasure.

4. Adopt a Furry Friend from the Animal Shelter

There are so many rescued animals looking for a new home and some love. Adopt one this year to fill your life with hope and joy.

5. Quit an Addiction

Whether you are an incessant smoker, social media aficionado, shopaholic, backbiter, alcoholic, liar, procrastinator, or Netflix fanatic, redefine your life and set limits.

6. Pay off Debt

Promise yourself that you will start budgeting and make greater progress on your debt payments this year. Improve your credit score, forfeit less interest, pay your bills on time, and attain some financial stability.

7. Open a Savings Account

Start saving money for emergencies and bigger investments in the future. Stop depending on others and avoid accumulating further debt.

8. Take a Chance on Love

Put yourself out there and allow yourself to fall in love again or for the first time. Life is too short to hate and be lonely.

9. Appreciate True Friends

Do something nice for the friends who were there for you last year. Let them know how grateful you are for their support.

10. Engage in Random Acts of Kindness

Drop a compliment on a random person every day. Ask your colleagues how they are doing. Help an elderly person cross the road. Feed a stray or bring food to a homeless person. These small acts of kindness are rewarding in many ways.

11. Find a New Hobby

Try knitting, baking, painting, gardening, or anything that you have never tried before, yet intrigues you.

12. Cook more often

Start eating healthy by cooking at home more often. You will learn to enjoy it and perhaps elevate to host of awesome dinner parties.

13. Embrace Forgiveness

Let go of old grudges and make amends. You will feel much lighter when you forgive other people’s mistakes and move on.

14. Improve your Sleeping Routine

Squeeze seven to eight hours of sleep in your daily routine to rejuvenate your mind and body. You will feel energetic, invincible, and younger than ever.

15. Go for a Walk every day

Go for a morning or evening walk every day to take in the natural surroundings and value your health. The fresh air will make you feel good and you might make a new friend.

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