10 Tips to Improve your Social Skills

Socially awkward folks and stereotypic introverts are not the only people who struggle with socializing. Sometimes being perceived as bigmouthed, overconfident, loose lipped, or arrogant is also a problem. If approaching people or making small talk has been easy, yet you don’t succeed at networking, perhaps you need to work on your social skills. The way you interact may leave a negative impression that discourages people from developing a relationship with you. Fortunately, it’s never too late to change your game and redeem lost battles. Employ the following tips to transform into the social guru of your community in no time:

1. Show Interest in your Subjects

If you want people to listen to you, try listening to them first. Most of the time, people try to stand out at parties by being the loudest or most talkative. One does not realize that everyone wants a chance to tell their story and express personal opinions. You can grab a person’s attention by asking them questions and having a meaningful conversation. When people actually listen to each other, the conversation flows nicely and they can truly connect.

2. Remember Names

Everybody appreciates being remembered and called by their name. It happens more than often that we forget to exchange names when hanging out in a group; sometimes we don’t hear names over loud music or background noise. If you are hoping to run into someone again or make acquaintance, the least you can do is learn his/her name. Referring to a person with the wrong name, their shirt color, or some neutral term like ‘buddy’ or ‘hey man’ is quite off-putting.

3. Quit Rambling On

Some people think that allowing gaps in a conversation is awkward. Truth is that talking nonstop and not letting anyone else speak is worse. If you hoping to gain some social points, do not give unwanted information or go off topic, just to stay in the spotlight. Oftentimes, it is enough to agree, smile, nod, and walk away before it’s too late.

4. Avoid Complaining and Bashing

If you find yourself continuously making complaints or issuing negative remarks, it is no wonder than people are hesitant to socialize with you. You actually have to be nice to others to get on their good side.

5. Be Real and Relatable

Do not force your comment into a discussion that you know nothing about. You are bound to say something irrelevant or offensive, which may lead to embarrassment or public humiliation. Show your true colors and be honest because copycats are simply annoying. Be candid if you want others to open up to you.

6. Radiate Positivity

Be generous with compliments, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, forgive, show sympathy, and don’t come across as judgmental. People who emit positive vibes are like magnets, i.e. they draw in a crowd. Everybody wants to be around the person who masters the art of courtesy and flattery.

7. Follow Up

Introducing yourself and exchanging numbers is the first step to expanding one’s social network. The next phase is to follow up by delivering something you may have promised in the first meeting. Keep the other person engaged if you want to build a long-term relationship with them.

8. Tweak your Body Language

Sometimes the fault lies in our body language. It is important to appear relaxed and attentive when you socialize. If you refrain from making eye contact, stammer, constantly frown, keep glancing sideways, or look bored, people might get the wrong message.

9. Develop a Sense of Humor

Social gatherings are no fun without some wit and comedy. Laugh at other people’s jokes and say something hilarious yourself. If someone targets you with snide remarks, laugh it off or act amused. A good sense of humor goes a long way, whilst eliminating conflicts.

10. Keep up with Current Affairs

If you wish to actively participate in discussions, you should at least familiarize with hot and trending topics. Acknowledge what your social circle likes to talk about and do your homework accordingly.

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