What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an aura that isolates you from all your worries and helps you reflect on the present. Today ‘mindfulness’ is a buzzword on social media and a popular topic on every health, fitness, and lifestyle blog. Therefore, people believe it is some new trend that is being propagated by celebrities and public influencers. Mindfulness is not a newfound theory or some silly fad; its roots are immersed in Buddhist teachings. Mindfulness is related to finding inner peace health & fitness and raising awareness of one’s current position. We waste so much time and energy dwelling over the past and future that we forget what matters right now!

Toddlers are the perfect example of mindfulness. They are so at home with their immediate surroundings, brimming with awe and curiosity. They simply sense and feel things without any interpretation or judgment. This state of mind brings out raw emotions and establishes deep connections, which many fully functional adults are deprived of. We are utterly lost in the maze of our thoughts, thus we become disconnected with reality.

We have a habit of reliving bad memories over and over again. We are so keen on planning for the future and solving problems that have not yet occurred. It seems like we are programmed for the things we do every day. Our mind and body are never in the same place. All the random thoughts in our head keep us on edge and encourage us to imagine the worst. The ongoing cycle of stress and anxiety can only be defeated by cleansing all negative thoughts and memories.

Mindfulness is the ability to entirely concentrate on where we are, what we are doing, and all the things happening around us, without being overpowered by the circumstances. This state of mind can be achieved by meditative practices, such as yoga and breathing exercises. The undiscriminating attitude promotes deeper learning and understanding. By limiting our attention to the current moment, we can block out deep rooted fears, grudges, superficial opinions, and regrets.

When the present situation becomes a person’s focal point, the task at hand can be executed with vigor.  Mindfulness encourages a person to perform their best, without worrying about the outcome. It is a way of life that inspires you to put your heart, mind, and soul into everything you do. You have to fight your distractions and prioritize things that matter now or then. For example, if you are working on a school assignment, let your skill and creativity shine. Do not fret over what your competitors are doing or what might happen if the teacher gives you an unsatisfactory grade.

If you are in the presence of a negative energy, such as a condescending class mate or an annoying colleague, just let it be. Accept the fact that they are toxic people and that they might never change. However, retaliating or letting their words/actions get to you will not make things better. Mindfulness will allow you to be the bigger and better person. You can handle the situation maturely by simply ignoring them, giving the silent treatment, or responding with kindness. When you answer bad vibes with good vibes, you will feel at peace because positivity always beats negativity.

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