10 Things you may not know about Cape Cod

Cape Cod of Massachusetts is a popular summer destination for tourists worldwide. This hook shaped peninsula offers beautiful beaches, resort islands (including Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard), quaint villages, prestigious lighthouses, and the finest seafood shacks. Housing over 200,000 locals, this place tends to get pretty crowded during peak months. However, you probably already know what I just mentioned, unless you’ve never heard of Cape Cod before. Let’s get to the interesting facts about this place that may surprise or impress you:

1. The Cod Fish is Imported

During the early 1600s, the waters surrounding this peninsula housed an abundance of Cod fish, which is why it was named Cape Cod in the first place. Unfortunately, the local Cod was overfished and certain environmental changes also contributed to it becoming scarce. Most of the cod fish you get to eat around here is imported.

2. Marine Biology is our Thing

If you are into natural sciences, then Woods Hole (a village in Falmouth) is the place to be. The Marine Biological Laboratory and an Oceanographic Institution are the highlights. Two federal government facilities, namely the ‘National Marine Fisheries’ and the ‘US Geological Survey’ also reside here among other private science labs.

3. Gay Pride is taken seriously

Provincetown in Cape Cod has been the epicenter of the LGBTQ community since the beginning of the 20th century. This town indulges in the most widespread gay pride celebrations ever. Parades, carnivals, and themed weekends are hosted throughout every season.

4. We’re fancy; we Golf

Someone who aims for the finer things in life shall agree that leaving golf out of your leisurely activities would count as a sin. Cape Cod is home to 27 public and 15 private golf courses, where you can play the sport any time of the year.

5. You get to see Sharks and Whales

If catching a glimpse of a great white shark is your lifelong dream, there is high probability it will happen at Cape Cod. The seal population has increased in nearby waters during recent years, which has attracted the sharks. Between April and October, whales migrate across the North Atlantic Ocean, so you might witness one passing by.

6. This place manufactures Stars

Many amazing stars of Hollywood started their career by performing at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis; Betty White, Henry Fonda, and Humphrey Bogart are a few to name. Not to mention, celebrities like John F. Kennedy, Meg Ryan, Carly Simone, and Taylor Swift have called Cape Cod ‘home’.

7. It’s where the Pilgrims arrived

Pilgrims escaping religious prosecution in England 400 years go (around the year 1620) arrived at Provincetown harbor to start a new life, before making their way to Plymouth.

8. Water Temperatures are perfect year round

Due to connection with the Atlantic Ocean, the waters surrounding Cape Cod are one step behind the seasons. The waters are surprisingly warm during winters and pleasantly cool in the summers.

9. There’s more than good Seafood

Just because Cape Cod is surrounded by water, doesn’t imply that the only edible thing around here is seafood. Cape Cod’s potato chips and salty oat cookies are among several delicacies popular nationwide. Apart from that, there are two fine local breweries and three wineries as well, so the drinking scene is awesome. This place that is adored for the sun and sand, thankfully offers an ample amount of ice cream spots per square mile of land.

10. We are running out of Time

Geologists at the U.S Geological Survey have predicted that Cape Cod may completely drown in a few thousand years.

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