Does Neon Fashion have a place in 2020?

Neon is one of the most questionable fashion trends of the millennium, yet it was hugely successful throughout 2018 and 2019. Although neons were highlighted in summer and spring clothing collections, we did witness hints through fall and winter as well. There is something special about neon colored attire because it sure can make you…


Top 10 Pies Across Europe

Sweet or savory, pies are awesome, and considered a festive food throughout the West. It is a popular belief that pies originated from Greece, so it’s no wonder that Europe is home to hundreds of unique pie recipes. Pies are the ultimate comfort food that nourish your soul and heal the blues. Here’s a bunch…


Which BMW suits your Lifestyle?

Everybody has dreamt of driving their personal BMW at some point in life. It is hands down one of the eldest and most popular brand of luxury cars to date. Not many can afford a BMW, which is why it remains unique and allows spectators to writhe with envy. In the past, the BMW series…


Response to Rapid Climate Change

We have reached that point in time where the earth has lost its sustainability, and we are slowly shifting towards poverty. Manmade disasters have influenced the world in many ways, and one of the emphasized issues today is ‘Global Warming’. The earth’s temperature is ascending at a hasty pace, thus the ice caps are melting….


Importance of Soul Searching

Who am I? What am I doing? Why am I here? Is this what I really want? How did I get here? If you ever asked yourself one or more of those questions (in your mind or aloud), it means you have indulged in some soul searching. Soul searching is not a retreat to the…

It & Tech Gadgets

An Overview of Blockchain Games

You have probably heard a lot of promising things about Blockchain technology, typically in association with Crypto currency. The technology has not so recently extended to the gaming industry, though it is still in the preliminary stages. Blockchain is the buzzword among IT professionals as it looks like an auspicious tool for app development. The…