Why you must learn to Drive Manual

Driving manual is an art that is rapidly fading, as millennials and the generation Z is accustomed to everything ‘automatic’. Nowadays, everyone wants to live easy and put minimum effort into routinely tasks. Automatic cars are convenient in many ways, but they lack the thrill and empowerment that comes with a stick shift car. Learning to drive is undoubtedly an underrated survival skill; when you start with manual, you are destined to rise to the master level.

Manual Transmission makes you an Excellent Driver

When you are behind the wheel of a manual car, there is no room for distractions. Both your hands and feet are occupied because you are in charge of everything, from releasing the gas to shifting gears. While you drive a stick shift car, all your senses naturally concentrate on the task at hand. You cannot afford to take your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel to read a text on your phone. As a result, you develop an active mind, awesome reflexes, and unmatched navigation skills. Excellent drivers are capable of respecting traffic rules and preventing car accidents caused by negligence in tough road situations.

You understand your Car better

While you practice driving manual, you develop a deeper connection with the machine and fathom every aspect. You don’t just learn how to drive, but also understand how the car works. You are bound to keep track of several things in a manual car; thus, when a problem arises, you can guess the exact location of it. When you know what is wrong with the car, you can fix the issue efficiently and effectively.

You won’t get stranded in foreign land or awkward situations

You may find yourself in a position where the skill of driving stick becomes a blessing. You could be on vacation in a faraway place and require a rented vehicle. It is possible that an automatic car is not available, so how will you make do with a manual one if you have no clue of it? Perhaps your granny owns a stick shift car and gives you the keys to get her some groceries. As you can imagine, you never know when driving manual may come in handy and make your day.

You save Money

Several automobile companies still manufacture manual cars for popular models. The automatic alternatives are usually more expensive and less fuel efficient, as compared to the stick shift version. It is a known fact that manual vehicles do more miles per gallon, as opposed to automatic options of their time. In addition, maintaining and repairing manual cars is much cheaper as well; their spare parts cost a lot less than those in latest automatic cars.

Feel like a Boss

An automatic car drives you around for the most part, but in a stick shift car, you possess full control. A manual car does not tell you what to do, so you truly feel like a boss behind the wheel. Truth is that once you have learned to drive manual, automatic will seem like a piece of cake. Mastering stick shift prepares you to drive any car in the whole wide world.

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