Do you recall the time when the Motorola Razr flip phone was iconic? It was the sleekest mobile phone back in 2004 and you were the cool kid if you had one; Paris Hilton had one! Flipping it open to attend a call and then folding it shut afterwards looked so ‘high fashion’ and felt so satisfying. Maybe it is sheer nostalgia, but the flip phone was a dream come true (long ago when I was in high school). You could feel the music and eyes staring at you in awe while you used that magical piece of technology.

Now we live in a world of smart phones, and we have forgotten the times when we used to be smarter than our mobile device. Life was simpler with the flip phones; in fact, we had a life before smartphones. Flip phones served the major purpose of making phone calls and sending text messages. You got a camera for occasional photos and some storage space to keep your favorite music with you. The data on your phone could not be used to sabotage you or frame you for a crime.

The battery time of flip phones was awesome, as they could survive several days without being charged. Receiving a call and hanging up was convenient with the flip feature. Once the phone folded, there was no risk of butt dialing as well. Lives were just so much more private and desktop computers were a thing. Flip phones are so compact and easily slide into your back pocket. New smartphones can take up all the space in a handbag.

Flip phones are pretty much indestructible and there is hardly any chance of damaging the screen; it takes a lot to make them stop working. Smartphones are delicate and very short lived in comparison. If you wish to partially disconnect yourself from the world, a flip phone will help you do that. People can still reach you in case of an emergency, but you shall avoid all the other nuisances linked to the smartphone.

Today flip phones are considered out of date, so they are available for cheap. Contract prices range from zero to a hundred dollars, and $50 is the average full price. They are great for travelling, as you do not need to charge them twice a day; and if you lose one, it is not a big loss. It is the perfect phone for the clumsy ones as you may drop and retrieve it infinite times. It is the best solution for someone living in an area that is prone to muggers.

Using a brand new iPhone on the streets downtown is equivalent to you asking a thug to rob you. On the other hand, a flip phone will ward off any strangers and keep you safe. In fact, flip phones are commonly used as burner phones. Thus, when you are using one, people who notice will get suspicious and prefer to run away from you. If you ever have signal problems with your smart phones and cannot hear the person on the other end, flip phone is the answer; their sound quality is amazing and folks on both sides can hear each other loud and clear.

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