Everybody has dreamt of driving their personal BMW at some point in life. It is hands down one of the eldest and most popular brand of luxury cars to date. Not many can afford a BMW, which is why it remains unique and allows spectators to writhe with envy. In the past, the BMW series were limited to compact and fast sporty cars, but now the company offers a versatile collection. There is a wide range of sedans, roadsters, and SUVs to choose from. Long ago, BMWs targeted a specific group of customers looking for one-of-a-kind characteristics, but now there is one for every kind of driver.

If you have made up your mind that the next car you own is going to be a BMW, then prepare yourself for the challenge of choosing ‘the one’ from a wide range of models. The classic BMWs are powerful RWD (rear wheel drive) sedans, incorporating manual transmission. The latest versions are fitted with automated controls and most of them are AWD (all-wheel drive) or 4WD (four wheel drive). The model name of a BMW car can tell a lot about it. Currently there are 8 BMW series, each having distinctive styles and features. All models with the letter ‘Z’ are roadsters, whereas models with the letter ‘X’ are typically SUVs or AWD vehicles. Cars flaunting the letter ‘M’ are basically high performance versions of other models; they have a few extra luxury features compared to the original concept.

The letter ‘i’ in any series means ‘electric’ if it is placed before a number and ‘fuel injection’ if it comes after the number. Legend says that the bigger the odd number in series, the grander is the car. Moreover, higher three digit numbers in the model names indicate the presence of a bigger engine. Therefore, you may consider all this information during car selection. Your budget is a primary deciding factor; one might expect that the latest models are the most expensive, but that is not the case. The BMW X1 released in 2019 is the most affordable option, falling below the $35,000 mark. The BMW M 760i introduced in 2018 is by far the most expensive option, valued at a whopping $180,000.

The BMW X series mainly features hefty SUVs possessing very sophisticated technology and a lot of fancy elements. They are great for someone who has a lot of friends or a big family to drive around; some cars offer an extra row of seats, and are described as ‘7seaters’. The spaciousness of these cars aside, I do not recommend SUVs for the balance issues caused by their bulkiness. These cars have a high center of gravity, making them more susceptible to skid off road and tumble over in a car accident. I personally prefer the 7 series sedans that are only slightly compact, but quite comfortable and gorgeous.

Individuals who are looking for a sporty car or roadster can find several promising options in the 2, 4, and 6 series. There is a certain charm to open roofs and convertibles, especially while you are still enjoying the bachelor life. If driving green is your topmost priority, you must choose among the electric and hybrid models; the BMV i3 and i8 are two incredible options.

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