Cats are the most popular pet animal worldwide. Their charming personalities, fluffy manes, gorgeous eyes, adorable paws, animated tails, delightful purrs, and knack for mischief are just a few reasons the human race adores them. A cat is a lot less work that a dog; you don’t have to train/discipline them, they don’t need to go outdoors, they are unlikely to steal your food, and are only capable of making occasional small messes. They are naturally sophisticated creatures that understand their owner very well and like to mind their own business most of the time. They may not respond to your commands, but will shower you with affection every now and then. If you are planning to get a cat, your life is going to change in a good way. Here’s a list of domestic cat breeds that people love to bring home:

1.      Persian

Everyone loves Persians for their luxuriously long fur, fuzzy tails, and calm temperament. Punch face Persians are famous for their smushed-in facial features, and doll face Persians are simply ethereal. These cats are a treat to the eyes and they radiate royalty. They are not the most active or expressive cat breed, which is a good thing if you are a workaholic. Just feed them their favorite food and keep the litter clean to win their approval. One downside is that they shed a lot, so this breed is not for you if you think cat hair everywhere is gross.

2.      Siamese

The Siamese are known as the most intelligent and hyperactive domestic cat species; they stand out with their distinctive coat pattern and crystal blue eyes. These cats like to be the center of attention and may exhibit slight aggressiveness if you neglect them. Siamese kittens are very playful and inquisitive of people around them. Like most short haired cats, they do not shed much.

3.      Ragdoll

Ragdolls are my favorite kind of cat, with their two toned fluffy coat, bright blue eyes, and laid-back attitude. They love to be cuddled and go limp in their owner’s arms (like a ragdoll). They are rarely audible, but they will climb into your lap when they desire devotion. They share a few characteristics with dogs, including loyalty; they like to wait for their owner at the door and get excited for playtime. Some ragdolls tend to grow pretty big, even close to a Maine Coon.

4.      Himalayan

Himalayans are basically a cross between Siamese and Persian. They are also relatable to a Ragdoll, with slight variation in coat color. While Ragdolls are a combination of white and silver grey, the Himalayans wear off-white and chocolate brown shades native to the Siamese breed. To be precise, Ragdolls are longhaired lilac point Siamese, and Himalayans are longhaired chocolate point Siamese. The persona of a Himalayan is comparable to a Ragdoll, though they are a tad bit more domineering.

5.      Russian Blue

Russian Blues have a thick lush coat of deep grey, which is soft to the touch and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, their piercing amber or yellowish green eyes are truly mesmerizing. While the majority of this species has a monotone coat, some cats may have a tiny white patch or two. They have a smiling face and make great companions. They are not very social animals, but like to cozy up with their owner; they exhibit a good deal of agility if you engage them in a game. These cats are very observant of their family humans, but noise and crowds will scare them off.

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