Vietnamese food is one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide, given the array of herbs, fruits, and vegetables used in local dishes. The local food is certainly delicious and nutritious, but we all need a break from the usual. Fast food is usually the way to go when you’re willing to treat yourself and nobody disagrees over pizza. It is the universal comfort food, so occasional indulgence in your cheesy and greasy fantasy is not a criminal offense. Not to mention, pizzas can be healthy too – it’s all about using fresh and organic ingredients. Saigon offers a wide range of pizza points to satisfy your Italian cravings. Check out the following locations to experience the best of Vietnam’s pizza scene:


Pendolasco is home to the most authentic Italian pizza and pasta in the south of Vietnam. The Italian owner and chefs are professionals, so the award winning taste is guaranteed. It is the perfect spot for outdoor dining with its lavish garden setting. The high quality ingredients, generous portions, and staff ambience will have you coming back for more. The overall ambiance and presentation deserves five stars.

2.Pizza 4P’s

Pizza 4P’s is popular all over Vietnam and the menu is pricey, but the food is worth it. The quality is maintained in every franchise, so don’t fear dissatisfaction. This place is packed during rush hours, which is understandable. The restaurant’s atmosphere is great for hanging out with friends and family. Apart from the amazing varieties of pizza, these people also serve amazing cocktails and a killer truffle pie.

3.Nossa Steakhouse

The best thing about Nossa Steakhouse is the rustic minimalist vibe of the sitting area. The atmosphere has a calming effect, and the pizzas are divine; the delicate crusts and earthy ingredients will win you over. Their meat is extraordinary, so it’s no wonder that their steaks are unmatched by any other restaurant in Vietnam.

4.The Greenhouse Restaurant

The Greenhouse restaurant is a pleasant spot with outdoor seating that will make your meal feel like a picnic. The surrounding views are splendid and the price range is quite reasonable. The service is highly satisfactory and the pizza flavors are rich. The place is dog friendly and offers some good options for vegetarians.

5.Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella, located in the heart of Saigon is capable of demonstrating what real Italian cuisine tastes like. The house wine is better than you would expect and the pizzas are extra juicy. Their portions are very filling and you shall look forward to their complimentary bread & dip.

6.Oliver’s Pizza

If you prefer rectangular pizza on a wooden plank (as in Rome), Oliver’s Pizza is the place to be. This cozy little café does not look like much at first glance, but the light and flavorful food will surprise you. These people know the secret to a good pizza, i.e. a tangy sauce and a crust that crumbles in your mouth.


Carpaccio is a neat looking place with decent pasta and topnotch pizza. It is recommended for vegan and gluten free options in the Italian cuisine. The restaurant’s menu offers an affordable price range and the atmosphere is discreet, in a good way

8.Italiani’s Pizza

Italiani’s homemade pizza is one of a kind and it hits the spot. The crust is soft and crunchy, the cheese is stringy, and the fragrance is mouthwatering. The interior of the place is a perfect fusion of modern and old-fashioned, so you will definitely love it.

9.Lost Boy’s Hideout

The airy sitting area at Lost Boy’s Hideout is incredibly beautiful during the night. The lighting and décor is fitting for supper or dinner with a special someone. Their wood fired pizza is quite enjoyable on a breezy day, and the barbeque is excellent as well. It’s definitely a place you’ll like to hang out at for a long time, rather than just eating and leaving immediately.


Vittorio is the taste of Italy and the chefs are perfectionists. The Margarita pizza is to die for and the garlic bread is very well prepared. The food and atmosphere around here shall never disappoint you.

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