Humans have destroyed several animal habitats through episodes of large-scale deforestation and urbanization. Many animals have been excessively hunted for their meat, skin, and teeth as well. Our exploitation of nature has endangered many species, including flora and fauna that are highly significant to the ecosystem. A large number of animals, such as the Dodo Bird, Tasmanian Tiger, and Woolly Mammoth have gone extinct due to greed and senseless slaughter. Thankfully, good people still exist on the planet and that is why a number of animal sanctuaries have been created to save the rapidly disappearing creatures.

Here’s a list of the top 10 animal conservation facilities, which reside in Asia:

1.Elephant Nature Park (Chang Mai, Thailand)

During the last century, the elephant population of Thailand has gone down from 100,000 to under 5,000. The Elephant Nature Park has rescued over 200 elephants under threat of poaching and unethical tourism. The park covers about 250 acres of land, where visitors can interact with the animals; you get to engage in several harmless activities, such as feeding and bathing the elephants.

2.Giant Panda (Chengdu, China)

The province of Sichuan is known as the primary home of Pandas all over the world. The Giant Panda breeding and research center in Chengdu is the best place to observe these magnificent and adorable creatures. Though they are sleeping for most of the day, you can witness them playing around and get a chance to hold one of the cubs if you get there early.

3.Snow Leopard Conservancy (Ladakh, India)

The snow leopard is an endangered wild cat, found along the high Himalayan mountains. These creatures are highly susceptible to poachers for their beautiful skin coat. The conservancy in Ladakh has taken exceptional measures to preserve their habitat, whilst providing economic benefits to nearby villagers.

4.Animal Kingdom (Tarlac, Philippines)

The Animal Kingdom in Philippines strives to save man’s best friend. It rescues dogs that are victims to human cruelty in the neighboring districts. The movement discourages the killing and dog feasting trends of the region.

5.Carnivore and Pangolin Education Center (Ninh Binh, Vietnam)

This sanctuary in Vietnam is the home to small exotic animals like the peculiar Pangolin, Owston’s Civet, and the river otter. These are rare species easily captured for their meat, and Pangolin scales have a wide market as well. Many people steal them to keep as pets, which is illegal because they belong in the wild.

6.Moon Bear Sanctuary (Chengdu, China)

The Bear Bile industry in China is one of the most shocking examples of animal brutality. Moon bears were captivated by villagers for the bile in their gall bladder, which is used for medicinal purposes. They are kept in compact cages that hinder any body movement, causing deformities. The bears are starved and endure torturous extraction methods, leaving them sick and infected. The sanctuary in Chengdu has rescued about a hundred of these unfortunate souls so far; medical treatment, proper feeding, and a nourishing environment restore their health.

7.Komodo National Park (Kalimantan, Indonesia)

The Komodo National Park is a beautiful destination, consisting of three Indonesian islands. It is probably the only place on earth to sight the mighty Komodo dragon, which is also known as the ‘last dinosaur’ on earth.

8.Sea Turtle Hatchery (Kosgoda, Sri Lanka)

The sea turtle population in the world has encountered a sharp tall in the last decade, as locals capture them in large quantities to sell in the food market. There are several rehabilitation programs in the city of Kosgoda of Sri Lanka, trying to conserve this vulnerable species; make sure to pay a visit and show some support.

9.Tarsiers Sanctuary (Bohol, Philippines)

Tarsiers are the tiniest primates, having a very shy and timid persona. They are at the verge of extinction, so the sanctuary in Bohol provides them the protection they need. Don’t get too close to this cute creature if it comes out of hiding, or you’ll scare it away.

10.Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center (Borneo, Malaysia)

Orangutan is a highly intellectual animal that was losing numbers due to loss of territory. The Rehabilitation center in Borneo is the perfect spot to see them in their natural habitat, and get some amazing photos.

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