Minimalism and minimalist fashion is not a lifestyle of extremists. Conservative or modest clothing does not translate to religious oppression. Both styles are a matter of choice and there is no single illustration to describe either. Despite being popular categories in men and women apparel worldwide, many individuals have formed biased opinions about these diverse fashion trends. Despising someone’s style without knowing the background story is a crime of fashion, so haters are advised to arrange for a criminal defense attorney.

Misconceptions about the Minimalist

The life’s motto of every minimalist is to keep it simple, and he/she supports the notion that ‘less is more’. People who prefer the minimalist style are not dull, boring, lazy, or penny pinchers. Perceive them as smart and altruistic because they only wish to own things that are actually useful. The minimalist’s closet has all the basics, so it is typical to exclude anything too loud or out of the ordinary. These people don’t hate vibrant colors; they just opt for more neutral colors. The purpose is to avoid buying a fashion item that will not work with more than one outfit.

A person who never repeats an outfit and lives for fashion hauls may not understand the minimalist approach. Minimalists prefer clothes that can be worn on multiple occasions or things that match with various other pieces in their wardrobe. It is not about being cheap or saving money, though it may be suitable for someone with a limited source of income. Minimalists buy nice & expensive things, just not something that looks appealing but is practically unavailing. The most ridiculous myth is that all minimalists are vegans, because I cannot imagine a single reasonable explanation. You may call them environmentalists because they favor a de-cluttered situation and abstain from wasting resources.

Misconceptions about the Conservative

Many international brands have launched fashion collections labelled ‘conservative’ and people of every race, religion, age, and gender have purchased them. Talking of elite fashion shows, we get to witness a variety of styles from excessively revealing lingerie to full coverage gowns. People may dress differently according to a given occasion or venue. You will not wear your gym clothes to an office meeting and you are unlikely to wear a three-piece suit to a beach party. Everyone has their own impression of modest clothing, but we may assume that it’s about covering 70% or more of your body.

A person who dresses conservatively is not shy, physically unfit, or tyrannized by faith and/or traditions. It is not necessary to show off skin or accentuate the shape of your body to look attractive or fashionable. Wearing a headscarf does not symbolize slavery and wearing ripped shorts does not signify freedom. Another horrendous belief is that conservative clothing cannot be colorful, bright, or patterned. In reality, there are no such restrictions and you can incorporate a dozen shades and designs in your conservative ensemble (as long as it makes you happy).

A man or woman who dresses modestly may do so for a number of reasons. Most of the time it’s about personal tastes and sometimes about their comfort zone. For example, some people always wear pants because their legs get cold and some girls always wear long dresses because it makes them feel like a princess.

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