Food is one great reason to travel the world and I believe that having a good dessert each day is the cherry on top. Malaga offers some amazing places to satisfy your sweet tooth and end your meals on a happy note. Everyone needs to add some sweetness in their life to neutralize the stress, heal personal injuries, and be less grumpy. Here’s a list of the top 10 places that are well equipped with the art of creating mouthwatering confections:

  • Cesare Gelato Italiano

This place is mostly packed, and for good reason. The chefs at Cesare Gelato Italiano are truly the masters of artisan gelato. They create fresh and genuine gelato every day from selective and high quality ingredients. Many people call it the best ice cream in the world, so once you have it there’s no going back. You should also try their Brioche and Pillos, which complement the ice cream very well.

  • Dulces Dreams

Dulces Dreams is the number one place to dwell for tourists and visitors in Malaga. It is as affordable as a hostel and as charming as a boutique, which is actually an elaboration of their slogan. The plus side of booking a room here is the high class cafeteria that produces some of the most delicious desserts in town. The assortment of cake slices will make your dreams come true. They also showcase some very creative breakfast options and the avocado toast is sensational.

  • Julia Bakery

If you adore a nicely crafted cupcake, Julia Bakery is the place to be. Cupcakes are like tiny bits of happiness and this place sure makes them that way. The cake part is delicate and moist like it should be, and the toppings are creamy and flavorful. Make sure to get a dozen boxed and make some memorable Instagram moments.

  • Heladeria Inma

Heladeria Inma in Malaga is an ice cream heaven; homemade pies, fancy cakes, and gourmet chocolates inspire the range of appetizing flavors. The place is frequently occupied by ice cream lovers, but the service is quick. You will truly enjoy the experience if you prefer generous amount of sugar in your desserts.

  • Casa Aranda

If you prefer something warm and crunchy for dessert, Casa Aranda will surely satisfy your taste buds. Their churros are simply the best because nobody else makes them like they do; light, crispy and airy, unlike any commercial kind that are too soggy or doughy to digest. The thick hot chocolate makes an ideal dip and the divine coffee completes a nice Sunday brunch or supper with a special someone.

  • La Teteria

La Teteria is a cozy little tea house in Malaga that offers some unique and tantalizing tea blends. They have a magnificent variety of cakes and pastries to go with a steamy cup. Their red velvet and cheesecakes are to die for, and the creativity is spot on. They also have an outdoor sitting space that is ideal for a nice and breezy evening. Their Nutella crepes are made for a filling and heartwarming breakfast.

  • Casa Mira

Casa Mira delivers a diverse selection of sweets, including hand-crafted nougats, ice cream, cookies and chocolates. Their traditional Spanish recipes are one of a kind, so you will cherish every bite and return to relive the wonders.

  • The Cereal Boom

If you are a cereal junkie, this place is your destiny. The Cereal Boom is a neat place to experiment with an infinite range of cereal and sweets. It’s the perfect spot to create your signature cereal dessert and wow the artist in you. The options are unlimited, so cereal can fit in every meal of the day.

  • San Chocolate

San Chocolate is a delightful café for all the chocoholics. The atmosphere is quirky, the décor is classy, and the desserts are top-notch quality. The embellished waffles and toasts are recommended for breakfast on a special occasion. You shall also find a variety of appealing beverages from basic coffee to layered lattes.

  • Ice Wave

Ice cream rolls are awesome, and Ice Wave will strengthen that belief for you. The mixing and customization around here is admirable, so you will definitely enjoy the show. The ice creams, shakes, and shushes taste phenomenal. The ‘Islander’ is their sociality, which consists of a hot ensaimada filled with cold ice cream.


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