People always saw me as a successful man in personal and professional life. I attended the best law school in my country and came out as the topper of my class. I also ended up in a relationship with the most beautiful woman at school. She was studying to become a nutritionist, and everyone referred to her as ‘The Dream Girl’; her real name was Natalie. I was not one of the best-looking guys around, but I was smart and reliable; I was glad that she saw it in me.

My colleagues thought I was the luckiest guy alive, and I seconded that belief. I graduated with a Juris Doctor degree, worked as an intern with a well reputed law clinic, aced the bar exam, and acquired my license for legal practice. Shortly, I scored an interview with a prestigious law firm and received my appointment letter within a week. To be honest, everything was working in my favor and I was unceasingly on cloud nine. Two years later I got married to Natalie (yes, we managed to stay together through college and beyond).

A few years down the road I became a very busy man; I was working late hours every day, including weekends. Surprisingly, Natalie was always okay with it and encouraged I prioritize my job. She regularly reassured me by saying that the extra hard work would pay off in the future. I was aware of her expensive tastes, and all the finer things she wanted in life. She herself did not want to work after our marriage and I did not mind, as I was very much capable to provide for her.

I wanted to start a family, but she kept telling me that we were not ready for such a big step. She suggested we get a pet, and we agreed on a dog. I always wanted a Golden Retriever or Siberian husky when I was younger. As I was barely home, she undertook the duty to pick out our furry friend. I did not believe my eyes when I arrived home one day and was welcomed by a Chihuahua!

Natalie was proud of her choice, and chirped about how adorable that awful little thing was. I was afraid to tell her that ‘adorable’ was the last thing that came to mind; I was mad, but I suppressed my displeasure. I wondered for the first time if my wife knew me at all, but then I told myself that I was being ridiculous. Apparently, my wife prefers a Chihuahua to all the dog breeds in the world, and I should respect that.

Life continued the way it was and several months went by. Our Chihuahua named ‘Delilah’ became part of the family. Luckily, I did not see much of it due to the hectic work schedule; soon I had to travel to another state for a very important case. Natalie was supportive as always and told me that she would easily manage on her own; I was not around that much anyway. I would make a quick phone call each day to make sure everything back home was okay.

When I got back, things were far from okay. Natalie told me that she wanted a divorce and there was no explanation to it. I was obviously not prepared to end a long-term relationship just like that. I gave her everything she ever wanted and did everything she wished, so why this? I asked if it was because we did not get to spend a lot of time together. I promised to take a month off and whisk her to Europe for a luxurious vacation; I was ready to book tickets for the next day.

She looked at me pitifully and confessed that she never loved me. Long ago in college, my best friend Matthew had warned me about her. He never liked her, and neither did any of my other friends. They never denied how gorgeous she was, but they openly hinted that she was a terrible person. Her beauty blinded me and I did not pay attention to more important aspects. I barely tried to cognize her because I was focused on building a successful career.

“Look at me, and look at you,” taunted Natalie.

I had turned into a workaholic and it took toll on my health and appearance. I was never a hunk, but then I was an ugly middle-aged man. My hairline was rapidly thinning, there were dark circles around my eyes, and I was overweight. My wife had only pursued me because of my professional success, and soon she would take away half of my accumulated wealth. I alone earned each penny spent on our cars, house, and everything within. I finally understood why many couples came in to my office for a ‘prenup’.

I was devastated and I had no one to talk to. My wife despised my old friends, so I left them. I never even invited any of them to my wedding ceremony; my best man was my wife’s younger brother (I hated that leech). Entirely occupied by work, I had no social life and that is why I never made any office buddies either.

So our house was sold and I moved into a smaller apartment with half of the other stuff. She left ‘Delilah’ to me, which was the last thing I needed. That creature was repulsive, but I felt sorry for it nonetheless. I tried to cheer myself up with the fact that I still had my high paid job. It is not as if my wife and I had an intimate relationship, yet I became lonely and depressed. She was only concerned with the money I made, and maybe I was aware in the back of my mind.

She never appreciated me and constantly pushed me away. I soon found out that she had been cheating behind my back, not recently, but from the start. All the events and stifled memories became a fatal blow to my existence. I could not concentrate on anything, which affected my work and I got fired. That was the last straw, before I hit my lowest. I bounced back from the lowest point in my life, but that is another story.


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