A midlife crisis usually occurs when you have spent more than half of your life, typically between the ages of 35 and 55. However, many people undergo the phase at a younger age, even as low as 18. It happens when a person starts to lose self-confidence and begins to question his/her choices in life. Young people are normally carefree and like to live in the moment. However, most women become self-conscious when they cross 30 and men begin to have second thoughts after 40.

Midlife crisis is not a buzzword, but an unexceptional phase of life. The duration of this segment varies from person to person. Here is a list of signs and symptoms to look out for:

1.      Emotions Cease To Exist

People suffering from a midlife crisis may lack self-expression and give in to a monotonous routine. Their single mindedness keeps them from appropriately reacting to situations or being intimate. Nothing excites them anymore because nothing really matters; they become the definition of ‘boredom’. Such human beings are immune to humor and appear unaffected by tragedies.

2.      Desires Extinguish

It is human nature to long for things we don’t have, and when we acquire those things, we are attracted to newer or better things. Individuals having a midlife crisis lose all interest in material belongings and possess no thirst for life. They lose their purpose and wander aimlessly. A person that lacks goals and motivation stands nowhere.

3.      Appearance Doesn’t Matter

Some people feel like they have grown old way before the emergence of grey hair. They believe that their prime time is over and they have lost their charm. Dressing up and keeping fit begins to feel ridiculous because no one will praise/appreciate the effort anyway. A person in this state of mind may lose or gain substantial weight. You will notice a drastic change in the way they carry themselves (clothes, makeup, hairstyling, etc.).

4.      Insomnia

Depression is the most widespread side effect of a midlife crisis, and it is frequently linked with insomnia. A person finds it hard to fall asleep when he/she has so many thoughts to keep him/her awake. The bad decisions of the past and predictions of the future are enough to strangle any peace or tranquility. These people may also be suffering from an identity crisis, and are unsure of what they want from life.

5.      Immature Behavior

Many men and women have grown old physically, but mentally they are in denial. They are unable to accept the fact that the days of youth have passed and it is time to make more responsible and rational choices. These people shy away from hanging with individuals of their own age group and seek solace in the younger crowd. Guys that dress to impress girls half their age or women who date boys young enough to be their son fall under this category.

6.      Fear of Change

We all make mistakes, regret them, and move on. During a midlife crisis, bringing change or fixing errors does not seem like a viable option. When people have reached a certain stage of their lifecycle, they are afraid to let go of things they have. Sometimes a relationship, a job, or an entire community becomes unbearable, but you cannot run away.

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