Venice, the floating city of Italy is one of the highlights of the ultimate European tour. If you admire rustic beauty and need a break from the metropolitan traffic scene, this is the place to be. You shall expect a lot of boat rides for day-to-day commute in this lovely region, which definitely feels more romantic than car travel. The narrow alleyways might make you question their architecture, but it grants a good excuse for a leisurely stroll and the charm is undeniable.

1.Doges Palace

The Doges Palace in Venice was primarily constructed in the 14th century and served as the core of the government. Today it is one of the greatest museums in Europe and its fascinating history has made it a popular tourist spot. The paintings displayed are part of the castle’s original artwork, as they were not added later on as in most standard museums.

2.Bridge of Sighs

The iconic Bridge of Sighs is connected to the Doges Palace, so you better not miss it while you’re there. This enclosed bridge will let you experience an exquisite view of the city, which was once the only outlet for local prisoners during ancient times. The architecture of the bridge is very pretty and definitely Instagram worthy.

3.St. Mark’s Square

Located in the heart of the city and surrounded by popular landmarks, the St. Mark’s Square is the perfect spot to socialize. It is an ideal place to get an overall image of Venice and observe the locals in their natural habitat. You will find quite a few nice cafes in the area, so do indulge in a steaming cup of coffee or artisan gelato (depending on the weather). Summers in Venice are extremely warm, and winters are rather cold, though snowfall is rare.

4.Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is the largest and most significant channel in Venice, as it is lined by several spectacular buildings and sights. If you wish to take an exclusive city tour through the canal and relax for a bit, the traditional Gondola ride is a must. Skipping the Gondola is like not visiting Taj Mahal on a trip to India. Rides are a bit pricey, but bargaining will get you a better deal. The night-lights are a good reason to ensue this trip after dark.

5.Campanile di San Marco

If you enjoy heights, then go up the Campanile bell tower, which is the tallest building in Venice at 99 meters. It is a popular public place that bestows a spectacular 360 degree view of the beautiful city. You can get to the top via elevator, so don’t worry about climbing infinite flights of stairs. Also, remember to take some cool panoramic photos while you’re touching the skyline.

5.Le Mercerie

No foreign trip is complete without a little shopping because you need to bring back something for the sake of memories and to provide tangible proof that you were there. Le Mercerie is a popular marketplace in Venice that constitutes several streets full of colorful shops. Indulge in a variety of local and international boutiques, and have a bite at some of the restaurants because it would be a shame to miss out on the sublime cuisine. Don’t forget to buy a couple of souvenirs for your friends, such as a Venetian carnival mask or a Gondolier hat.

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