Times have changed and today ‘Smoking Kills’ has been replaced by ‘Sitting Kills’ because more people are cramped into chairs and less are out there buying packs of cigarettes. Whether we are working on a computer, watching T.V, eating, or conversing, the hours we sit for each activity are adding up and bringing us closer to death. Who knew the innocent act of ‘static sitting’ would become a World Crisis?

The internet is overflowing with research articles that forbid sitting for more than six hours a day. Literature poses the argument that working out for an hour each day does not help either; the only solution is to stop sitting for so long. Apparently, the working force is doomed because even the basic nine to five job requires us to sit in a chair for about seven hours. So should we get standing desks to reduce the risks or look for a more active profession to keep breathing?

On the contrary, standing continuously for multiple hours is not healthy either and if I’m being honest, extremely tiresome. How about we shift between sitting and standing throughout the day by getting a flexible desk? That sounds promising, but very few employers shall be willing to make that investment. Not to mention, we are so accustomed to our chairs/couches that we will prefer early death to sore feet and stiff legs. Crouching into a cushiony seat is second to our nature; having to stand for ten minutes straight would be agony for seven out of ten people.

A few scientific theories suggest that we adjust ten-minute walks between sitting hours (every hour or two). This somewhat contradicts the former claims about exercise being useless, but maybe it does restore some damage. Prolonged sitting has been frequently linked with poor body circulation, back pain, muscle degeneration, soft bones, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, depression, and several horrendous health conditions.

The question is that what can we do to save ourselves, without making drastic changes to our standard lifestyle? What if I told you that the right chair can solve ninety-nine of your problems? Ergonomics’ specialists have developed a range of office chairs that will transform daily ‘static sitting’ into ‘active sitting’, whilst rescuing you from all deskbound diseases. Chair designed on the foundation of medical and scientific research are the cure to this global epidemic.

Modernized office and gaming chairs are superior to all kinds of conventional chairs because they combine the characteristics of a high-end ergonomic furniture and a good quality exercise ball. They provide great support to the pelvis and backbone, whilst recruiting core-stabilizing muscles to provide the optimal posture. You can prepare yourself to say goodbye to strained shoulders and an aching spine.

These chairs are designed to cushion your bones and relieve pressure points. The patented technology allows movement of your body in all directions, up to an angle of fourteen degrees. It provides resistance from slumping, stooping, and sliding, to keep you relaxed and active at all times. Many manufacturers offer free trial periods and shipping, so do not hesitate to replace that pathetic office chair before it literally kills you.


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