The digital gaming industry is one of the most powerful businesses in the world today. Living in an era of technology, it is no surprise that the internet of things is slowly encapsulating everything around us. Lives are getting busier, the population is growing, and living spaces are shrinking. Owing to the fast pace of reality, the opportunities for outdoor entertainment have exited our comfort zones. Online gaming is one convenient escape for individuals of all ages, as it is abundantly available in the form of mobile applications.

Social experiments prove that the majority of population who loves to indulge in virtual reality are introverts or socially awkward. The interactive experience gives them the opportunity to express their personality in ways they deem impossible in the real world. Some parents might argue that it is unhealthy, but would they prefer their offspring being involved in violent crimes instead? I think interactive apps that make you happy and keep your mind occupied are worthy of applause. Gamers are actually smarter than your average lad, therefore likely to do better in school.

In the past, reading books was a hobby frequently sighted among children and adults. In the digital age, smartphones and tablets have replaced paperbacks. Today we prefer visuals to plain text and thankfully, the gaming industry brought up Interactive Story Apps. Unlike reading a novel where you are just reading someone’s story, an interactive story app allows you to become the main character and virtually live his or her exciting life. Reality is not as simple, accommodating, and fortunate as fiction. Indulging in falsehood allows us to experience the happy endings we fantasize about.

There is an excess of interactive story apps on Google Play store and Apple Store right now, and many of them look promising. Who knows how the trend was born, but I am sure that the success of the app called “Choices” was one of the major reasons for it becoming mainstream. ‘Choices’ has been around for quite a while and releases new content on a weekly basis. The app is owned by “Pixelberry”; it showcases 1 million plus downloads and a rating of 4.5 as we speak.

‘Choices’ offers a variety of story books in every genre and they regularly add new chapters/episodes for users. Most of the books already have sequels/multiple seasons to keep you hooked. Their content and graphics (animation) is probably the best (quality wise), as compared to its top competitors in the market. Although it is free to download, you may choose to frequently purchase ‘diamonds’ to unlock exclusive scenes and outfits throughout a story. You do get some free diamonds via ad watching and daily rewards, but you have to spend money for the ultimate VIP experience.

The game allows commendable character customization and several good choices in the story are free of charge. Choices that cost diamonds are often unnecessary or supplementary, so skipping them does not drastically affect the storyline. Many users complain that it is expensive to play, but I think the developers deserve compensation for their hard work. You can play without making a transaction and still enjoy it, as relative apps have more biased terms and conditions. The authors of the Pixelberry are undoubtedly talented because all the stories I’ve read are absolutely addictive.

Another interactive story app I would like to promote is ‘Romance Club’ by ‘Your Story Interactive’. It is not as popular as ‘Choices’ but the app has serious potential. Currently, it has over 500,000 downloads and a rating of 4.4 stars. The reason this application has not hit a million users yet, is probably because it is managed by a small team which does not deliver new content as efficiently as its competition. The number of stories is growing, the avatars are diverse, and the dialogue delivery keeps improving. The free diamonds scheme is generous with this one.

Other games that feature a nice selection of interactive stories include “Chapters,” “Episodes,” “My Story,” and “Secrets.” However, their gameplay can be unfair as many free choices affect your character negatively. Their graphics and avatars are slightly less glamorous, but still recommendable for having a good time.


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