China is one of the most powerful countries in the world today. It is a culture rich country with deep historical value. It offers a lot of diversity, ranging from highly developed modern cities, to lush green landscapes and wild ghettos. The number of tourists in China has increased rapidly in recent years. In terms of tourism, it is ranked among the top 5 destinations of the world. China is much cheaper for a vacation, as compared to places like Europe or Australia. There is a lot you can accomplish within a budget and even better if money is not a problem.

Depending on the length of your stay, you shall decide the number of cities you want to travel. Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin are the top choices for a metropolitan experience. If you wish to indulge in the natural beauty and history of China, you must visit Zhouzhuang, Xi’an, and Suzhou among the long list. If you are travelling to China from the U.S, plan your visit in advance because Visa processing could take up to 2 months. Make sure you have all the required documentation, which shall be attested by all the designated authorities. The Chinese Embassy is very particular about these matters and does not offer any leniency.

Despite obtaining a visa, visiting certain parts of the country is still prohibited. To visit places like Hong Kong, Macau, and Tibet, you may require a multiple entry visa or special permit. It is also necessary that you book a place to stay before entering China. This is obligatory because your residence needs to be registered within 24 hours; failing to comply can result in dire consequences. All the hassle, customs, and regimes in China can get you flustered, but it is unquestionably worth it.

Mandarin is the official language of China and you must learn some basic vocabulary to enhance your trip. Many of the locals cannot communicate in English, and those who can have limited language skills. You can always use translation apps on your cellphone when having problems in conveying or receiving a message. Shopping in China is compulsory and there is plenty room for bargaining (with the exception of elite shopping malls). Most Vendors try to overcharge tourists, so do not dress or act like you are wealthy.

Downtown China is where you can find the best deals and counterfeits, so prepare for a haul. The streets in these areas are always busy and bustling, so caution is vital to avoid mishaps like a car accident. The Chinese cuisine is extensive as every region is famous for their own unique recipes. As a Westerner, their flavors and ingredients might strike as strange, but do not let that stop you from exploring the exotic food. If you love spicy food, the Sichuan cuisine is likely to please you the most.

Now that we are talking about food, Chinese cuisine might occur as disgusting if you are a picky eater. Chinese people literally eat all animals, from frogs and lizards to ducks and dogs. Pork is the most common type of meat, which is widely used in specialty dishes. However, many restaurants do exclusively sell halal food only. China is the Utopia for spontaneous foodies, enthusiastic to taste bizarre stuff. Rice and noodles are the staple food of Chinese, so they are bound to be part of every meal. They also have numerous tea varieties; their famous Da-Hong Pao Tea is the most expensive tea is the world, priced at $1.2 million per kilo.

Social media addicts will have a bad time in China, unless they get a VPN on their mobile devices prior to leaving their home country. Social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter are strictly banned all over the region, and all the locals are only familiar with WeChat. If you are interested in making friends in China and wish to stay in contact after you leave the country, it is recommendable to install the WeChat app on your smart phone. Basically, it is the Chinese version of WhatsApp with slight variation in features.

Chinese people love tourists, especially from the Western hemisphere. They are typically too eager to get to know you and cherish the idea of taking photos with you. China is a land of opportunities and has something for everyone. There are a lot of promising job and business opportunities, primarily for English speakers. It is easy to fall in love with the people and culture of China, and living there can be a dream. If you feel like you must move to China permanently, the foremost step is to consult an Immigration lawyer.

The winters in China tend to be extremely cold, mainly in the northern cities. The summers are extremely hot as well in most parts of the country. The best times to visit China with respect to climatic conditions is during Autumn (September & October) and Spring (April & May). You will experience favorable weather during these periods, owing to agreeable temperatures, low humidity, and limited rainfall. China is a country of multiple nationalities and therefore holds a variety of festivals. If you intend to be a part of any prestigious festival, look up their calendar for 2020. If you hate big crowds and fancy some peace and quiet, then travelling to China during their holiday season does not suit you.

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