Our smile has a huge impact on our visual appearance and personality. The perfect smile can make you look ten times more beautiful and even more youthful. Many of us are born with slight dental imperfections and sometimes the defects are results of mishaps that happen in childhood, or during adult life. Falling face forward on a hard surface as a kid often leads to loss of milk teeth; sometimes the new teeth grow out crooked or out of place. Similarly, a grown up could lose a tooth or damage multiple of them during an unfortunate event like a car accident.

Luckily, modern Cosmetic Dentistry can rectify all sorts of dental flaws and the latest technology makes it easier than ever. Now anyone can achieve the million-dollar smile, which comes with the power to dazzle and make a lasting impression. Social experiments and research suggests that dental deformities are more noticeable than other carnal shortcomings such as a zit on the face, a disheveled eyebrow, or a missing fingernail. A deformed or unattractive smile can be a fatal blow to one’s confidence and self-esteem.

An individual with bad teeth is likely to avoid social interactions and feel very insecure in front of a camera. They hesitate to express emotions wholeheartedly because they are experiencing a constant fear of exposing their unpleasant facial situation. The insecurity becomes an obstacle to progress in their personal and professional life. Below is a list of Cosmetic Dentistry treatments that can help you win back the self-assurance you deserve:

Teeth Whitening

Discolored or stained teeth can ruin the beauty of your smile, but teeth whitening can give you the set of pearly whites you desire. If your teeth are disgraced by plaque or tartar, you can easily get that removed through one or two sittings of scaling. While scaling is meant for cleaning the teeth and retaining natural form, the purpose of whitening/bleaching is purely cosmetic. If you have yellow or tarnished teeth for other reasons, a tooth whitening procedure is the optimum option.


If the teeth on your upper and lower jaw are not properly aligned or appear skewed, a cosmetic orthodontic treatment can fix the condition. Braces are not just for kids, and you can consult a dentist to learn about the most viable fixture for your case. If metal braces seem too unappealing or discomforting, you may opt for plastic aligners; these are practically invisible and can be removed during meals. Other removable equipment such as retainers, space maintainers, and palatal expanders can be applied as per your dental requirement.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be used to replace lost teeth. They consist of a metallic screw that anchors an artificial tooth, as in a crown, bridge or denture. The screw is surgically embedded in your jawbone to hold the tooth in place. The procedure is complicated and must only be performed by a dental implant expert. Refrain from treatment provided by an amateur or you could be a victim of medical malpractice.

Dental Crowns and Veneers

Slips and falls can cause partial damage to a tooth and render personal injuries. Both dental crowns and veneers are used to amend chipped, broken or ill shaped teeth. They can also be used to fill large gaps and provide evenly spaced teeth. They are typically made of porcelain and are applied to give you a uniform and symmetrical smile. Sometimes tooth shaping may include removing some part of your existing enamel.


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