Neon is one of the most questionable fashion trends of the millennium, yet it was hugely successful throughout 2018 and 2019. Although neons were highlighted in summer and spring clothing collections, we did witness hints through fall and winter as well. There is something special about neon colored attire because it sure can make you stand out.

There was a time when I thought that neon jackets were solely manufactured for the traffic police. Those people are doing a tough job standing in the middle of the road, preventing car accidents; it’s totally plausible that they wear something that makes them visible from a distance. I guess wearing neon is all about getting attention and turning heads when you enter the room looking as bright as AI’s future.

We’ve all seen fluorescent greens, yellows, pink, and oranges from New York to Milan catwalks. The vibrant theme did bond well with street fashion, but including it in elegant eveningwear did not sit well with me. It looks crazy and maybe that is the point of high fashion, so cheers to the designers who break stereotypes. Everyone from the overly poised Kardashians to the free spirited Billie Eilish has flaunted neons on the stage and runways, so the hype is legit.

To be honest, the head to toe rainbow look is way out of my comfort zone. There are celebrities who always wear black or dark shades, and I admire their style. Neons are somewhat loud and I do not feel grateful if everybody is noticing me. However, I am not against wearing luminous attire; I suppose adding one or two neon items to your overall outfit actually works.

I would never buy a neon jumpsuit or full length gown, but I would consider adding neon accessories or jewelry to my standard/boring ensemble. For example, pairing a plain or dull colored dress with neon sneakers and a backpack looks pretty cute.

Neon shades have not been limited to attire, as we can see them in many makeup products as well. As if neon lip colors and eyeshadows weren’t enough, the trend of neon colored hair was also in the air. YouTube star and hair stylist ‘Brad Mondo’ may have convinced me that going neon is bold and beautiful.

I would say that neon fashion is great for making a statement and it can perk up a gloomy environment. I came across a gorgeous neon purple jacket a while ago, though I never bought it because I wasn’t sure it would match any of my clothes, or if I would actually consider wearing it some place. It might have worked well with a white shirt and regular jeans, but it takes guts to flaunt something so groovy.

The neon trend has been praised for at least two years in a row, so it is probable that elite fashion designers will incorporate it in this year’s collections as well. If we catch any flashy pieces in the upcoming Milan fashion week, I’ll say that I told you so. Even if we don’t see the peak of neons this year, it is still a fashion trend that was born to stay.

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