Creating Festive Mail for Holiday Season

Holiday season is closer than you think and it is peak time to boost your sales using smart email marketing. Holiday shopping is already in progress and more people are buying from online retailers. Tempt your subscribers with amazing offers and attract new leads with irresistible deals. Holiday season shopping turns out to be the biggest revenue generator for merchants worldwide and the monetary value keeps rising every year. By the end of November, shopping malls get so overwhelmed that violent behavior is expected. The overexcitement built up from promotions often leads to chaos.

Holiday season promotional emails were alone responsible for one third of sales from Ecommerce platforms last year in 2019. It is highly profitable for all kinds of businesses, operating online and offline. Most of the employed population remains oblivious to big sales advertised on streets and social media. Emails are a more direct way to keeping them up to date and interested. If you are still vague about your email layout, let me remind you to make it festive and fitting for the holiday theme. Reds and greens paired with some gold are the traditional colors to work with.

It is always a smart move to get a sneak peek at what your competitors are doing, and which of their items are selling like hot cakes. Do some research and shortlist products that are relevant to the market trends. Discover if any of your products have potential to sell in the given scenario and make them your lead magnets. Even if they are not practically the ideal gift item for the occasion, try to make them look like a decent option.

Your marketing email should be concise and welcoming in the spirit of holiday season. Start with an amazing subject line that intrigues the recipient to see what is in store. What they come across next must persuade them that they have not wasted a precious minute of their life. Animation or audiovisual effects are a great way to perk up your email. A Christmas jingle and dancing reindeers is way to do it. Falling snowflakes and a lit up Christmas tree would look nice too. However, try to come up with something unique to stand out in the crowd.

Flat discounts and free shipping are promising strategies, but the holiday season demands something extra. Pick three items from your best-selling merchandise and put them on promotion. You can add free trinkets with each purchase or use the buy 1 get 1 free approach. The landing page from your email must display your lead magnets (promotional products) or whatever you have promised the potential customer.

Your website must look different from usual during holiday season. You are obliged to embrace the holiday theme wholeheartedly in order to create hype. Do not lure your subscribers with an email loaded with festivity and follow that with the same boring web page they have seen several times before. Bring something new to the table such as a Christmas themed online game or contest that could fetch your customer an amazing prize after making a purchase.

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