Workplace injuries can occur in any type of industry. Even a desk worker may break the ankle by falling over the power cord. The delivery driver may get accident injury in between the jobs. A teacher can get injured while arranging the class decoration. Many suffer from minor injuries which require the person to miss the job for a day or two. In 2018, studies show that every three days a worker injured a body part. Some lost legs while other workers lost fingertip in the work-related injuries.

In 2015, there were 4,836 workers in the United States who killed in the workplace. This figure means that the average number of workers die every day because of workplace injuries is 13. Compared to 2013 and 2014, this figure is huge. In addition, 50,000 people are likely to die from the occupational illnesses which means that each day 150 workers die from hazardous working conditions.

Another dilemma is the under-reporting of the job site injuries. Average 3.8 million worksite injuries are reported but it is believed that the actual job site injuries occurred are between 7.6M to 11.4M. There are various employer incentives to under-report the work site accidents which include the OSHA’s increased inspections, having fewer chances of getting desirable contracts by the government and higher insurance premium.

Old Age and Temporary Workers Injures and Death Rate

Old age workers are at more risk. 35% of all deaths occur in the 55 or older workers age and the worker’s age 65 or older have a risk of three times of workplace death compared to the younger workers. Temporary staff usually get no enough training or are not experienced enough to protect themselves in the workplace but do not complain due to the fear of losing work hence don’t complain. That is why the risk of injury is high in temporary workers.

According to the MIT researchers the temporary workers tend to be younger, most of them are minority workers with less education and many of them usually are immigrants. Also, the temporary workers are preferred to be employed in the most hazardous job including construction, fish processing, and waste recycling.

Although the federal and local governments have rules and regulations for workers protection. There was a major increase in the workplace accident news around the world last year. Despite more strict enforcement and frequent inspections the job site injuries (permanent, serious, or minor injuries) were still on the rise.

Who Will Help to Get Workers’ Compensation?

The professional Personal Injury Lawyers represent thousands of victims with their claims of workplace injuries. They work hard to make sure that the client gets the best compensation amount under the law. Generally, the worker’s compensation claim is an exclusive remedy for the employee for the job site injuries against the employer. However, the person responsible for the injuries can be other than the employer and can be sued. This case is called ‘third-party’. The third parties are not exempt from the case for their reckless or wrongful behavior. Some common third parties are a defective product manufacturer, premises owner, and at-fault drivers.

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