We all know alcohol does no good to our bodies, yet we indulge in alcoholic drinks for our own reasons. Some drink to get rid of stiffness and let loose, some drink to gain surreal confidence, some drink under peer pressure, some drink for the sake of ‘tradition’, and the remaining drink to drown their sorrows. Whatever your reason, you know you can never give up on liquor, and who wants a long life anyway?

Your friends and family have heard you say it a million times that ‘one drink won’t hurt’. It could be true, but the problem is that you are addicted and one drink will never be enough to satisfy your soul. People drink alcohol because it lets them escape harsh realities, which is actually ‘impaired judgment’. Not everyone has the same tolerance levels, which is why one drink is plenty to keep many of us from thinking clearly or walking straight.

It is no fun throwing up or waking up the following day with an excruciating hangover. If quitting the habit doesn’t seem likely, you can always do something to reduce the aftereffects. Here’s a list of Dos and Don’ts that will prevent you from killing yourself with booze:

1.    Do Not Drive

You might believe that you are sober after a round of drinks, but that is probably not the case. Do not try to prove your point by balancing your entire bodyweight on your hands; you might break a bone or be a secret contortionist. You’ve learned all about drunk driving in high school, and the consequences of DUI/DWI crimes. If you don’t care about your own life, at least spare all the innocent people you will put to risk.

Appoint a designated driver before the party or simply call a cab. Even if you do not kill yourself or anybody else while driving under influence, your actions will be considered a misdemeanor that will go on your permanent record. Your driving license could be cancelled for years to come and you can end up in jail for a considerable amount of time.

2.    Stay Hydrated

Alcohol is a diuretic, which implies that it will force your body to get rid of water and salts more quickly than normal. A glass of water between drinks will keep you hydrated and dilute the concentration of alcohol in your system. Treat yourself with some healthy H2O even when you are not feeling particularly thirsty. Water will keep you sober and help escape a deadly hangover the next day.

3.    Beat the Heat

If the surrounding temperature is too high, the alcohol in your body can tamper with your blood pressure. Therefore, avoid drinking while you are sunbathing or relaxing in a hot sauna. Clubs can get pretty warm and stuffy as well, which also causes dehydration; you will feel drained and dizzy. When the atmosphere gets steamy, you must rush outdoors and breathe in some fresh air; a cold glass of water makes it even better.

4.    Do not Mix Alcohol with other Drugs

Alcohol is a very strong drug on its own, so don’t try to up your game with even more drugs. If you are drinking, do not consume any opiates, sleeping pills, or painkillers. Alcohol mixed with opiates can be life threatening and an overdose could damage your brain cells, or cease breathing.

Sleeping pills/pain killers contain sedatives, so combining them with alcohol heightens the hallucinations and haziness. The effects may cause you to sleepwalk and encounter lethal accidents.

5.    Don’t Swim or Hit the Gym

Alcohol tends to alleviate our senses; also, synchronization between the brain and other parts of the body is compromised. You are in no shape to take part in vigorous physical activity, including all kinds of sports. If you have a big game coming up, do not indulge in drinks the night before. Save the fun for after the match, as you will earn that drink if you win and you will need it if you lose.

Many people have died in the water while swimming under the influence of alcohol. Do not go near water unless you are 100% sober. Working out or exercising is equally dangerous when you’re drunk. Avoid it unless you want to die at the hands of heavy machinery in the gym, like in one of those ‘Final Destination’ sequels.

6.    Do not Drink on an Empty Stomach

Alcohol sure has a load of calories and many people skip meals or starve themselves before drinking, in order to compensate. When you drink on an empty stomach, you will get drunk quickly and feel queasy. It is better to fill up your stomach with protein, fats, and fiber before the party starts.

Eggs, chicken, and yogurt are great foods to consume if you plan to drink at the end of the day. These foods will line your stomach and keep you energized. They absorb the alcohol and increase your drinking capacity. If you’re worried about the extra calories, schedule a workout session at the beginning of your day.

7.    Dilute/Neutralize your Drinks

Diluting your alcohol with fresh fruit juice or water is excellent, as it allows you to maintain a clear head for a longer time. Alcohol is acidic in nature, so adding an alkaline solvent will do wonders for your poor liver. However, refrain from mixing alcohol with substances that are high in sugar, such as energy drinks and cola.

Sugary drinks heighten the craving for alcohol and fizzy drinks have a low pH as well, so they will increase acidity in your liver and stomach. Many people like to add a pinch of salt, which accelerates dehydration. While you’re drinking, salty food will make you feel thirsty and bloated.

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