Video surveillance is a common security measure utilized by businesses of all scale nowadays. Most company owners install cameras all around the office in clearly visible spots. Some employers place cameras in hidden areas as well. While monitoring the workplace is the owner’s right, it is equally important to respect the privacy of employees. Video surveillance footage must be reviewed regularly, especially when a conflict arises. However, it shall not be used as a tool to observe the staff 24/7 and make them feel uncomfortable. The visuals or evidence collected by video surveillance is highly valuable to resolve certain discrepancies in the workplace; it can protect your business and your employees in many ways:

Improved Safety

Video surveillance grants a sense of security to the workplace. When employees are aware that everything is being recorded, they are bound to remain on their best behavior. Widespread workplace issues like discrimination, harassment, and assault can be effectively eliminated. There is no room left for false accusations or unjustified worker’s compensation claims. The company can sidestep many potential lawsuits, which helps save its hard-earned money and reputation. Employees at all levels shall refrain from exhibiting unethical or suspicious behavior.

Transparency in Operations

Transactions with clients and customers run smoothly when a good video surveillance security system is in place. The management can keep an eye on operations and ensure that there are no shortcomings. The supervisor can keep a check on who shows up and reflect on individual participation. The footage can help the company superiors decide that who is worthy of a promotion. If there is a delay or interruption in usual procedures, one can effortlessly identify the point of error.

High Productivity

On average only 20% of duty hours is spent doing actual work, whereas the remaining 80% of the time is wasted on trivial stuff. Through video surveillance, you can obtain a clear picture of what your employers are doing throughout the day. You can recognize and eliminate futile activities in order to increase productivity at work. As you acquire awareness regarding all the factors that are hindering your company’s progress, you can work out a plan to overcome them. When employees realize that their performance is being scrutinized, and they will get in trouble for demonstrating objectionable behavior, it makes all the difference.

Cost Effective Security

Video surveillance is a highly convenient and affordable security system. As your business expands, you can always add more cameras to the workplace and maintain everyone’s safety. You do not have to hire additional personnel to look after every nook and corner. You and your entire staff can carry out daily operations with ease. If one or more cameras stop working, they can easily be replaced or repaired.

Reduced Risk of Theft and Fraud

When security cameras cover every part of the workplace, the chances of theft and fraud are pretty low. Supervisors can quickly identify any intruders on the premises and prevent their escape. Similarly, nobody within the workplace shall dare to steal from the company or a fellow employee. If a valuable piece of property goes missing, surveillance footage can reveal the culprit.