7 Tips to Overcome the Risks of Drinking

We all know alcohol does no good to our bodies, yet we indulge in alcoholic drinks for our own reasons. Some drink to get rid of stiffness and let loose, some drink to gain surreal confidence, some drink under peer pressure, some drink for the sake of ‘tradition’, and the remaining drink to drown their…


How to Land your First Call Center Job

Have you heard adults asking youngsters about their career prospects? I am sure no one ever said that working in a call center is their dream, or working at McDonalds is a good start. To be honest, both of those options are pretty good because you’ll be making a lot more money than your haters….

Health & Fitness

Is your Office Chair Killing You?

Times have changed and today ‘Smoking Kills’ has been replaced by ‘Sitting Kills’ because more people are cramped into chairs and less are out there buying packs of cigarettes. Whether we are working on a computer, watching T.V, eating, or conversing, the hours we sit for each activity are adding up and bringing us closer…


How to Minimize your Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases produced by routinely human activities. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane tend to trap heat in the atmosphere, giving rise to global warming. We can reduce our carbon footprint by altering our lifestyle and making greener choices. We can start by focusing on wasteful trends…