Legal Blogs

Domestic Abuse Since Covid-19

Divorce rates around the world have risen considerably since the beginning of this global pandemic. The amount of people seeking divorces was 34% higher from March through June compared to 2019 and the numbers are increasing as the year comes to a close. According to the New York Post, 31% of couples getting a divorce…


Top 5 Domestic Cat Breeds around the World

Cats are the most popular pet animal worldwide. Their charming personalities, fluffy manes, gorgeous eyes, adorable paws, animated tails, delightful purrs, and knack for mischief are just a few reasons the human race adores them. A cat is a lot less work that a dog; you don’t have to train/discipline them, they don’t need to…

Health & Fitness

The Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is not a new or untried technology and originates from ancient Chinese Medicine. It is a popular healing technique that has been around for centuries and is practiced all over the globe. It is a safe remedy for several health problems, as long as it applied by a trained professional. Do not undergo treatment…


Facts & Rules for Nomads visiting Australia

As a traveler, you are obliged to follow the laws and customs of the country you are visiting. The way of life in Australia might be very different from what you are accustomed to, yet it is your duty to adapt while you’re there. No matter where you go, breaking the rules will have consequences…


7 Tips to Overcome the Risks of Drinking

We all know alcohol does no good to our bodies, yet we indulge in alcoholic drinks for our own reasons. Some drink to get rid of stiffness and let loose, some drink to gain surreal confidence, some drink under peer pressure, some drink for the sake of ‘tradition’, and the remaining drink to drown their…


How to Land your First Call Center Job

Have you heard adults asking youngsters about their career prospects? I am sure no one ever said that working in a call center is their dream, or working at McDonalds is a good start. To be honest, both of those options are pretty good because you’ll be making a lot more money than your haters….