15 Reasons to Visit Seoul

Seoul, situated in the heart of South Korea, is the perfect Asian destination for a fun filled vacation. It is not just the capital of the country, but also the largest metropolis. The city is mesmerizing through day and night, granting innumerable sights to see. It deserves to be on every traveler’s bucket list, as it has so much to offer. Here are 15 reasons why Seoul is absolutely amazing:

1.      Historic and Modern

Seoul is known for its historical and modern culture, i.e. it is the best of both worlds. It is the hub of artists, and home to several Buddhist temples, and grand places. You get to witness the most elaborate skyscrapers and ancient architecture, in the same district. The city has something special in store for everyone.

2.      Beautiful People

If you are a fan of K-pop bands like BTS and BLANKPINK, the beauty of local men and women must enthrall you. It is true that many of them have undergone plastic surgery, but there’s no shame in admiring their physical perfection.

3.      Fashion Forward

Seoul is the place where you can catch up with all the latest K-pop fashion trends. The creativity and glamor is captivating, thus you can expect to shop till you drop!

4.      Futuristic Technology

While many of us are visualizing the future, the people of Seoul are living it. The city is home to the highest average internet connection speed, and the fastest elevator. Smart homes are pretty much a norm around here, and you will experience cutting-edge technology everywhere you go.

5.      Colorful Cuisine

The South Korean cuisine is adventurous and rather appealing with all the colorful ingredients. Every dish has multiple side dishes, which is clearly an incentive. If you feel daring, you should try a live octopus.

6.      Abundance of Festivals

Seoul celebrates many festivals; hence, you will get the opportunity to attend one or more, no matter what time of the year you stop by. You will forget what boredom is, until you leave the city.

7.      Glorious Nightlife

If you wish to party like it’s your last day, Seoul’s nightlife lets you accomplish just that. Most clubs and pubs remain open till 5 in the morning, so you never have to sleep.

8.      Clean and Secure

The streets of Seoul are as clean as they can be and crime rates are very low. Pollution is under control and you are unlikely to encounter any personal injuries on your trip.

9.      Themed Restaurants

The city is full of themed restaurants and cafes, so you can dress the part and enjoy several Instagram moments. My favorites include the ‘Hello Kitty’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’, and ‘Lego’ themed cafes.

10. Hospitality

The locals of Seoul are as friendly as they get. Most of them can speak English, so you might return home with a bunch of amazing pen pals.

11. So many Freebies

Koreans in general love to giveaway free stuff and most of the time it is a bizarre combination. You might get a free potato peeler when you buy a dress, but there’s no reason to complain.

12. Hiker’s Heaven

There are a great deal of breathtaking hiking spots in Seoul, around the mountainous region and amidst National Parks. So don’t forget to bring your hiking shoes and enjoy a slice of nature.

13. Best Airport

The airport of Seoul is quoted as the best on a global level. It is equipped with a golf course, spa, casino, skating rink, a museum, and lots of high-end restaurants.

14. Intimate Movie Theaters

If you visit Seoul with your significant other, make sure you watch a movie at one of the local theaters. The movie theaters feature couple couches, which means no arm rest to interrupt your special time together. Not to mention they are super comfy and sharing popcorn becomes much easier.

15. The Coffee Culture

There’s a coffee shop around every corner of the block in Seoul. You’ll never miss your necessary caffeine mix at any time of the day. You will observe all sorts of crowds at the these cafes, as they are the designated meeting place, preferred to home and workplace invites.

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