Professional relationships are just as important as personal relationships; in fact they are even more valuable for someone who is career driven. If you don’t get along with the people you work with, making progress in your field or achieving success can be nearly impossible. You might thrive in individual projects, but you will miserably fail where teamwork is integral. You don’t have to be best friends with your coworkers and employer, but making enemies is a huge mistake. These 10 tips will help you win allies at the workplace and stay on everyone’s good side:

1.      Be Yourself

Faking it won’t get you far. Do not pretend to be someone you are not, because one slip and you are out. You are better off being different than being discovered as a hypocrite. Telling one lie to fit in leads to a lifetime of complicated falsehoods. Never be afraid of showing your true colors, and people shall be compelled to like you the way you are.

2.      Maintain Impartiality

Taking sides or playing favorites can create never-ending conflicts. Communicate your genuine opinion, but make it sound neutral. Nobody around you must feel offended or targeted by your words and actions. Mind your own business or play the role of a peacemaker if your input is requested.

3.      Avoid Tattling and Gossiping

Sharing a coworker’s secrets or talking behind their back is simply evil. You might gain temporary stardom for sharing the juicy stories, but the so-called fans will never consider you a friend. People at the workplace will secretly regard you as the Judas.

4.      Appreciate and Compliment

The easiest way to win over someone is by showering them with compliments. However, there is no need to go overboard, or it will sound phony. If you like or admire something, do not hesitate to voice it. Your positive feedback can make someone’s day and earn you a well-wisher.

5.      Listen to People

If you want to be included in conversations and be heard, you need to return the favor. Listen to what others have to say and provide a thoughtful response. Your coworkers will respect you for being considerate and pay attention to anything you have to say.

6.      Be Polite and Respectful

You will have your fair share of differences and disagreements at the workplace. Sometimes you will be right and sometimes you could be in the wrong. No matter what the case, there is no point in ruining a professional relationship over it. Try to reach a compromise or withdraw courteously.

7.      Demonstrate Confidence

Low self-esteem or self-doubt can come in the way of developing healthy relationships in personal and professional life. People won’t give you a chance if you do not believe in yourself. Stop taking yourself for granted and others will do the same.

8.      Never mix Business with Pleasure

Dating your boss or a coworker is never a good idea, regardless of the workplace policy. Your work will repeatedly interfere with the relationship and that can be exhausting to say the least. People will accuse you of observing nepotism or entitle your accomplishments as ‘personal favors’.

9.      Embrace honesty and sincerity

Maintaining honesty and sincerity in all your interactions and dealings will earn you an excellent repute. People want to work with individuals who are straightforward and reliable. Never make promises you can’t keep or boast of things you don’t have.

10.    Refrain from dirty Politics

Playing fair always keeps you safe. Stepping on others, taking credit for someone else’s hard work, sabotaging, and corruption never ends well. You might gain some temporary advantages, but your professional peers will know better than to trust you.

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