10 Tips to Control Anger

Anger is a natural emotion, but it can be a problem if you experience it too frequently and cannot stop yourself from acting upon it. There will numerous occasions where life seems unfair, thus you ought to deal with it. Anger is your worst enemy because it encourages you to do unforgivable things in the spur of the moment. You may say or do things that you don’t mean or regret later. Follow these ten tips to control your anger and maintain composure:

1.      Count to Ten and Breathe Slowly

Your breathing and heart rate increases when you get angry, triggering the ‘flight or fight’ response in our body. By counting to ten you allow your vitals time to calm down. When we breathe fast, we inhale more and exhale less. Breathe slowly so you can exhale as much as you inhale. This will cool you down and the bubbling fury will reside.

2.      Have a Cool Drink

A sweet and chilled drink can suppress the heat rising within you and trigger production of dopamine. Do not opt for an alcoholic or caffeinated drink, as the stimulants might fuel your anger.  An Iced cola, ice cream shake, or fruity smoothie can work wonders.

3.      Shower or Soak Up

Take a shower or lay down in a hot tub/Jacuzzi to relax and wash off the negativity. Stress and anxiety are supplements to anger, so eliminating them gets things under control.

4.      Take a Walk

Taking a breather is necessary when you are all worked up. Step outdoors and enjoy a peaceful walk to clear your mind. The natural landscape is likely to detoxify you make you feel better.

5.      Engage in a Strenuous Workout

If the anger rouses too much pent up energy, you may require some extensive physical exercise to get rid of it. Go for a long run/jog, punch a bag, do a hundred pushups, or whatever gets you exhausted.

6.      Embrace the ‘Freedom of Speech’ concept

If you easily get annoyed by trivial things people say, you probably need a dose of reality check. Just like you, everyone else has the right to form opinions and speak their mind. Live and let live. You do not have to agree with people, but you cannot impose your principals and beliefs on them either.

7.      Rely on Catharsis

Most of the time, anger is the evolved form of disappointment and grief. Sharing your feelings with a close friend, family member, or your therapist will make you feel lighter, and even content.

8.      Pick your Art and Create

You can utilize the effervescing verve of anger to accomplish something positive. Draw, paint, compose, cook, write, develop, or simply create something out of your skills and imagination. The process will let you forget about whatever riled you up and you might produce a masterpiece.

9.      Tackle underlying Health issues

People who are constantly fatigued or tensed have a harder time managing anger. Make sure you get enough sleep and time to unwind every day. Practice mindfulness, improve time management, and participate in recreational activities.

10.    Look at yourself

When you get angry, take a look in the mirror and see what it does to your face. You may even ask a friend to fulfil you when you are livid, so you can see for yourself how horrendous it gets. Watching yourself turn into a vicious creature will discourage you from lashing out in the future.

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