Many of us are really good at one thing, and the smarter ones have mastered more than one skill. There are also those called ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. In a way, we make up for each other’s deficiencies and maintain a balance. However, one thing that can seriously downplay our unique personality is a lack of confidence. A lot of us are so caught up in the opinions of strangers and what’s trending that we lose our own identity. Our doubts, fears, and irrational assumptions rob us of all self-respect and self-esteem.

Luckily, confidence is not something you have to be born with. You can develop and nourish it in the following ways:

1.      Start making Eye Contact

When someone addresses you, do not hesitate to look them in the eye. If you think you’re being polite by looking down or away, you’re absolutely wrong; people might actually think you are being insolent or perceive it as cowardice. When you make eye contact with the person you interact with, you establish that you are attentive and fearless.

2.      Be Yourself

You can never embody confidence if you are constantly trying to be someone else. You cannot maintain consistency with a fabricated identity, which leads to confusion and embarrassment. You can never feel powerful or invincible if you do not approve of the person you are.

3.      Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

It’s a good thing that you admire people around you or idolize someone, though it doesn’t mean that you can duplicate them. Take good advice and try to improve yourself every day, but do not try to change yourself into another person.

4.      Face your Fears

If something scares you, just confront it or do it to get over it. The question is: What’s the worst that could happen? You know you won’t die, and in case it is something outrageous like jumping from a plane, what a good way to go!

5.      Acknowledge all the Good in You

The habit of self-loathing does not let us notice and value our accomplishments. You are far better than the people you envy, but you are blinded by your negative thoughts. Once you recognize all the good in you, the rewarding journey of self-love begins.

6.      Cut off the Dead Weight

People who continuously undermine you or take you for granted are dead weight; nobody needs parasites in their life. Surround yourself with people who pick you up when you’re down, celebrate you, and never intentionally hurt your feelings.

7.      Learn a New Skill

Adding a new skill to your resume is a nice way to prove your capabilities to yourself and gain other worldly advantages. For example, you can learn to speak a new language, ride a horse, or make origami art.

8.      Determine What Matters to You

If you don’t know what you want and what truly matters to you, you will never stop feeling unsure, confused, and troubled. Remember that this life is yours and the only person you are supposed to please is you. When you pursue what your heart desires, confidence becomes you.

9.      Let go of the Past

Reliving mistakes of the past and regretting them repeatedly will get you nowhere. We all make bad decisions at some point, and it is what makes us human. Consider them as valuable lessons of life and turn a new page.

10.    Be Independent

When you become self-reliant and don’t wait for others to solve your problems, you have genuinely grown up. Independence feels good because it means that you can take care of yourself and you are not answerable to anybody, which should be enough to make you feel confident in your own skin.

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