Motorcycles are not just for daily commute inside your hometown. You must utilize your riding skills to have an experience of a lifetime. A long road trip across your country or in foreign land becomes much more exciting when you do it on a bike instead of a car. Imagine the open road, wind blowing through your hair, and the adrenaline rush that comes with. However, just like any other extended travel, you need to prepare for this one-of-a-kind journey.

1. Choose the right Bike

Your standard bike might not be appropriate for this trip, so get a rental instead. Find a well-reputed company to lend you a motorcycle that fits your riding plan and budget. What suits you also depends upon your riding skill and personal preferences. Do not solely rely on aesthetics and make sure your machine is relaxing.

2. Comfort Clothing

Riding in a three-piece suit, a ball gown, or five-inch heels is certainly impractical. Dress in something casual, skin fitted, and stretchy; baggy or tight attire will cause discomfort. Enclosed ankle boots with a thick and flexible sole are recommended.

3. Protective Gear

A helmet and rider’s gloves are mandatory for the journey. If you are in for a bumpy ride or hope to go off-road, invest in elbow and knee caps as well. Safety comes first, so get hold of all the protective gear to minimize the aftershock of an unexpected motorcycle accident.

4. Pack Light

Unlike air and car travel, you do not get much space for storing luggage on a bike. Make good use of the small compartments by only packing the essentials. You cannot use this trip to flaunt your fashion forward wardrobe.

5. Weather Check

When travelling somewhere that has unpredictable weather or even the slightest chance for rainfall, equip yourself accordingly. Waterproof jacket, gloves, and shoes will save you from the uneasiness of soaked clothes and the probability of catching a cold. If you’re travelling under the scorching sun, make sure all your ‘wearables’ are light and airy; a pair of sun-glasses and sun-tan lotion should also be kept in handy.

6. Vehicle Maintenance

Take care of your ride to avoid any inconvenience along the trip. Keep regular tabs on fuel, air pressure, and oil levels. Make sure that your motorcycle is in perfect shape before you begin the day’s itinerary.

7. Stay Hydrated

If your route does not have enough stops for restocking on necessities, make ‘water reserve’ your top priority. Sunny days can get you thirsty too often and dehydration is bad for your health. A hydration pack will allow you to have a sip without stopping, whilst keeping the water cool.

8. Take Breaks

Driving a car is different because riding a bike requires extra physical and mental input. Therefore, it is important to take breaks and rest your mind & body. If your trip is extra lengthy (two weeks or more), allot one day per week for ‘no riding’. You can just stay at a town or village along the way and unwind for a bit.

9. Spontaneous Meals

Any eateries or cafes on the way are likely to be packed during standard times for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Thus, eat at odd times to avoid the rush and waiting.

10. Don’t get Lost

Any trip can turn from fun to unpleasant when you get lost in the middle of unknown territory. Subscribe to a generous data package in advance, so your phone’s GPS remains active to give directions. If you ended up in a place with no signals, seek help from locals rather than riding in circles.


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