First dates tend to be awkward. One wrong move or statement could ruin your chances to be with someone absolutely amazing. Whether you met on Tinder, were set up by a friend, or became acquainted some other way, you need to be on your best behavior. You must keep the conversation light hearted and casual, so that your date doesn’t feel attacked or pressured. Keep the intimate and personal queries for later, i.e. if you two end up seeing each other again. The following ten questions shall be perceived as a ‘red flag’ by your date:

1.      How are you still single?

Sometimes a person can hit the jackpot. Perhaps you scored a date with someone who is attractive, smart, and polite. You may wonder how someone of such high caliber is even available in the dating pool. You might say this as a compliment, but your date might think otherwise. For instance, the question can sound like you are implying that they are crazy or getting too old.

2.      What are you?

This question is bizarre and comes across as rather offensive. Whether your date looks like an ethereal being or you are simply inquisitive to learn of their ethnicity, exercise some patience. You may ask about their family after the third date and then you can find out; or they might even mention it sooner on their own.

3.      Why did your last relationship end?

Inquiring about someone’s ex is a total turnoff. A break up or divorce is their personal business, and you are not in a place to probe. Do not talk about your past relationships either.

4.      How do I look?

Any question about your appearance may give the impression that you are needy or insecure. Fishing for compliments is not cute at all. Say something nice about your date if you are hoping for some feedback.

5.      What are you looking for in a relationship?

Many people (especially youngsters) do not have their future planned out and they want to explore different possibilities. This question can make your date feel uneasy or at a loss for words. They might even fear that their opinions could be a deal breaker.

6.      Where do you see us going?

You two are practically strangers, thus something like this shall definitely sound creepy. This question is unreasonable until several dates later when both of you have learned a lot about each other.

7.      Do you want kids?

Marriage and children may be very important to you, and it is understandable if you want to be someone with the same priorities. However, asking about kids on the first date just strikes as desperate or imposing.

8.      How much did that cost?

If your date is wearing something very expensive or mentions something that involves big bucks, do not pry about the cost. You can be in awe without showing it with your words, expressions, and body language. Poking your nose in your date’s wallet can make you look like a gold-digger.

9.      Do you always eat that much?

If your date appears to have a huge appetite, do not point it out. They are likely to believe that you are body shaming them or that you are a pathetic cheapskate.

10.    Are you sexually active?

First dates should be all about some harmless fun and small talk. Jumping into someone’s sex life on the first meeting can make you sound perverted or judgmental.


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