Relationships are never easy, but they are worth fighting for. Whether you find your soul mate or settle for someone who makes you happy, consider yourself lucky either way. There will be ups and downs, misunderstandings, and mistakes, but the ending is up to you. Giving up and moving on is the easy way out, but it is seldom satisfying. If you think your current partner is the one and you want this relationship to last, avoid the following stuff:

1.      Letting your world revolve around one person

This person you are dating, marrying, or living with obviously means the world to you, but you cannot forget about everyone and everything else. There is nothing wrong with being in love, as long as it doesn’t isolate you. You should have a life outside of your relationship for the sake of you and your partner. They will need their space from time to time and you have to take care of other people and responsibilities in your life.

2.      Sacrificing your opinions, morals, and values

Compromise is important to maintain a healthy relationship, but losing your own identity is pitiful. You are not obliged to agree to everything your partner says or do things that go against your beliefs and principles. If you stop voicing your thoughts and submit to your partner’s every wish, they will lose respect for you.

3.      Assuming the worst

You might know your significant other very well, but your assumptions can often be wrong. If something about their attitude or behavior is bothering you, talk about it instead of imagining the worst; otherwise something insignificant could become the death of your relationship.

4.      Giving the Silent Treatment

If something your partner said or did was hurtful, offensive, or off-putting, let them know. They may not realize what went wrong, and the silent treatment will drive you two further apart. If they try to make amends, respond positively instead of pushing them away.

5.      Comparing your partner or relationship to others

No person or relationship is the same, so quit making comparisons. Don’t let another couple be your relationship goals or competition. Set your own pace and appreciate what you have, or you might encourage jealousy, insecurities, and doubts.

6.      Trying to fix all your partner’s problems

Your companion is your equal, so there is no point in treating them like your child. You should offer your help if you see them in a difficult situation, but do not overstep. Let them work through their personal issues by themselves and remain in control of their life. Too much interference from you might annoy or suffocate them.

7.      Not saying Sorry and Thank You

No matter how close you are, do not abandon basic manners and courtesy. If you have a fight and you are partially at fault, do not wait for them to apologize first. Acknowledge the smallest of gestures by saying thank you and returning the favors.

8.      Digging up old skeletons

Every couple fights, but digging up old skeletons every time is detrimental to a relationship. If you can never get over previous mistakes and ancient grudges, your relationship is done for. Learn to forgive and forget if you want to keep this person around.

9.      Telling Lies/Keeping Secrets

Couples who lie to each other or hide things from one another are hypocrites. If you cannot share something with your partner, it means that you are in the wrong. Sooner or later, the truth will reveal itself and the damage then is likely to be beyond repair.

10.    Acting Selfish

When in a serious relationship, all important decisions about your life should include your partner’s consent or approval. You have to consider their wellbeing and happiness in every choice.