Cats are adorable creatures and make wonderful house pets, yet some haters agree to disagree. There are several bizarre theories and misconceptions about domesticated cats; people who believe in them are essentially those who have never had the pleasure of having a feline companian. If you are reluctant of adopting a cat because of things you’ve heard, allow me to debunk ten common myths:

1.      Cats are Unloving

We have all heard the argument many times that dogs are great companions, whereas cats like to be left alone. Truth is that cats can be just as social, though they are much more independent than dogs. Cats do bond with their human owner and other pets in the house (including dogs), although they are fully capable of living on their own. Dogs are programmed to see humans as their master, but a cat’s love has to be earned.

2.      Cats hate Water

Cats do not hate water; they just don’t like getting their coat wet. Depending on the weather, their soaked fur may require ample time to dry up, which can be uncomfortable. Moreover, several species like the Siberian, Maine Coon, and Norwegian cats are known to have an affinity for playing around in water. Cats are very neat and clean animals because they groom meticulously, thus they seldom need a bath.

3.      Cats can see in the Dark

Just like humans, cats cannot see in complete darkness. Their eyes contain a substance that reflects light, though it does not grant night vision. Nonetheless, cats can see better than us in dim light. Therefore, if you keep a feline in your room, a night light is recommended so they can easily find their way around.

4.      Black Cats are Bad Luck

All cats are born equal and they all deserve our love; hence, black cat lives matter too! Do not pay attention to silly superstitions surrounding black cats, because they are absolutely magnificent. In fact, people in Japan believe that black cats bring good fortune.

5.      Cats have 9 Lives

Unfortunately, cats have only one life like us. The story about cats having 9 lives is merely a myth, so make sure you take good care of your feline’s health. Cats are agile, which allows them to sense and escape danger, yet even they have accidents. Cats do not always land on their feet, thus falling from heights can be dangerous.

6.      Cats are a threat to pregnant women

Cats cause no harm to pregnant women; in fact, their touch and cuddles instigates a positive effect. It is the cat litter that can trigger toxoplasmosis. Therefore, pregnant women should be fine, as long as they don’t change/clean the cat’s litter or stay near it.

7.      Cats do not need Exercise

Cats may not need to be walked several times a day, though they still need some form of exercise. If your cat stays indoors at all times, you should have a daily play session with them. If you have a backyard or terrace, let your cat have a round of the outdoors. You should also control their diet if you feel that they’re getting overweight.

8.      Cats cannot be taught tricks

Cats can learn tricks, but they require greater motivation and effort on your behalf. They are actually more intelligent than dogs, which is why they are not much concerned with pleasing humans by putting on a performance. You may have to hire a professional trainer to help you accomplish the task.

9.      Raw meat is safe for cats

Hunting small animals and feeding on prey is in a cat’s gene, however, the cut and clean raw meat we provide is far from ideal. Raw meat can be the cause of fatal infections, so it is best to serve your cat cooked meat.

10.    It is okay to declaw cats

If you are worried about your cat’s sharp claws ruining the furniture or leaving scratches on your skin, you can resolve the matter through several ways. You can trim the cat’s nails, place multiple scratching posts around your living space, and choose household fabrics that are unappealing to them (such as leather, suede, canvas, and denim). Declawing is extremely painful for cats, even long after the surgery; think of it as cutting off the tips of your fingers!

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