10 Fashion Do’s to look and feel Cool this Summer

Summers are at its peak and you need to beat the heat with style. Do not let the scorching sun or humidity keep you from being the fashionista you are. If you fail at looking cool under the sun, the fashion police will disapprove and nothing you say will sound like reasonable criminal defense. Therefore, wipe the sweat and follow these tips below to dazzle everyone around you:

1.      Natural Looking Makeup

Gaudy makeup comprising of deep and scandalous shades are a big ‘No’ for any summer day. You can work with them in an indoor evening event, but otherwise they must be avoided. Go for neutral and natural looking palettes; soft shades of pink and orange turn out best. You can skip the blush on and mascara. Foundation that matches your skin tone, paired with a matte lipstick and a dull eyeliner are a safe bet.

2.      Loose Fitted Clothes

Skin fitted pants, bodycon dresses, and snug shirts lack the comfort you need in hot weather. Flowy dresses, layered skirts, and baggy tops will make you feel good and look chic at the same time. Let your body relax and give your skin some space to breathe.

3.      Splurge on Shades

The blinding sun of summers is the perfect opportunity to shield your eyes with a pair of boujee sunglasses. You can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays whilst checking out people without getting caught. You may buy a few neutral colors like black, gold, and white to pair with a variety of outfits, or you could go one step further and get one in every color possible.

4.      Light and Natural Fibers

Natural clothing materials that are light and airy are ideal for the summers. Apparel made out of cotton and linen provides maximum breathability, delivering a soothing effect. If you are a fan of denim, you can always go for chambray tops and bottoms.

5.      Flaunt Bright Flowery Patterns

Fashion for hot and humid weather is not about pastel colors and plain garments with no print. In fact, one can only get away with bright flowery prints during summer festivals. A multicolored flowery top paired with white pants/shorts or vice versa is a classic.

6.      Be Fun and Flirty with your Outfit

Summers are the time to put your fun and flirty clothing items to good use. Whether its crop tops, strappy blouses, cutoff shoulder tees, brief shorts, slit skirts, flimsy jackets, or mini dresses, don’t think twice.

7.      Show off your headwear Collection

Do you love purchasing fancy hats, headbands, and other fancy hair accessories, but never find a fitting occasion to show them off? Apparently, sunny days are the perfect excuse for wearing a hat or pulling your hair back with a funky band or scrunchie. Flower clips and beads look amazing as well.

8.      Temporary Tattoos

If showing off some skin is part of your summer style, tattoos will surely enhance your personality. A few temporary colorful tattoos might make you the talk of town.

9.      Vibrant and Lightweight Jewelry

Keep your metallic and other heavy jewelry aside. Lacy and plastic jewelry in vibrant colors will enrich the expression of your outfit.

10.    Stay Light on your Feet

Sandals, flip-flops, slippers, and sneakers are made to keep your feet fresh and happy on a hot day. Invest in footwear that cushions your feet and allows sufficient airflow.

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