10 Characteristics of Lucrative Artists

The word ‘artist’ is an umbrella term that refers to creators of a wide range of creative projects. Painters, illustrators, authors, musicians, filmmakers, actors, fashion designers, poets, and architects are a handful of individuals that call themselves artists. Each of them is capable of inventing something that resonates with one or more of our senses. They are the leaders of the entertainment industry and hold the power to beautify our surroundings. Although, each type of artist has a distinctive skill or talent, their minds and souls are alike. Here are ten characteristics that are common among all great artists in the world:


Artists don’t work, but simply pursue what they love. What we perceive as their livelihood is in fact their hobby. The ability to create art is their passion, and they live for it. They strive for success like everyone else, but fiascos do not interfere with their priorities. Their creativity is like their child, thus they will cherish it no matter what.


Artists are vulnerable to everything that happens around them. They like to dig deep and experience emotions profoundly. They can put themselves in others’ shoes and see the world through someone else’s eyes.


Artists take risks because being different makes them stand out. They understand that conventional and conservative approaches will prevent them from expressing their true colors. They bear their soul, so other people can relate and come out of their shell.


You may call them stubborn, but they say it is resilience. Many artists are mocked and face multiple rejections, but that does not let them down. They keep trying and remain true to themselves.


Artists have a vast and vivid imagination. They think out of the box and visualize things that seem far from reality. They daydream and escape to a world of their own, which is a valuable source of inspiration.


An artist’s imagination is their most precious asset, but simply intangible like our dreams. He/she strives to materialize what resides in the mind, and that is how art is created.


Artists can come across as very smart and naïve at the same time. A lot of things they say may not make sense. They will either sound highly intellectual, or plain ridiculous. Many of them tend to get lost in their thoughts, so don’t let their words mess with your head.


Most artists are capable of conveniently switching between the personality of an introvert and an extrovert. There are times when they want to be left alone and hibernate for indefinite periods. They crave isolation to help them focus and even the slightest human interaction becomes a disturbance. Other times they put on their charm and transform into a social animal. They become the most agile, talkative, and frivolous person in the room.


Artists are perfectionists that pay a lot of mind to the tiniest details. Their creative process requires a lot of patience; otherwise, they can easily drive themselves to insanity.


Artists do not like making mistakes and aim to be at the top of their game. For this reason, they always welcome criticism from knowledgeable fellows in their field. They are very judgmental regarding their personal work, always eager to make improvements or adjustments.

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